United States, Germany, France and Britain refused to help in the restoration of Syria


Western states said they would continue to seek accountability for all crimes during the Syrian conflict.
The United States, France, Germany and the United Kingdom do not intend to take part in the restoration of the Syrian Arab Republic until a “real political settlement” begins there, the joint statement of the states states.

“We make clear that we will not consider providing or supporting any assistance for the restoration of [Syria] until an irreversible and credible, substantive and real political process is initiated. ”
Statement by the USA, UK, France and Germany

The statement notes that these countries will continue to seek accountability for all crimes during the Syrian conflict.

“The Russian Federation and the SAR should respect the right of refugees to return home safely, stop pretending that there are conditions for restoring and normalizing the situation, and we urge them to seriously engage in negotiations that peace can bring ”
Statement by the USA, UK, France and Germany

According to the authors of the document, the authorities of the SAR and their supporters “are trying to convince the whole world that the conflict has ended and life has returned to normal,” but the reality is “that the regime’s suppression of the Syrian people was not over.”

At the same time, as SAR President Bashar Asad said last year, Damascus will not involve Europe and the United States in reconstruction projects. According to the Syrian leader, the country will only rely on itself, and in difficult situations – on friends.

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