Unknown Luke Perry: loner, Madonna’s favorite and loving father

I has collected rare archival photos, scandalous covers and quotes from the star of the series “Beverly Hills”, which passed away on March 4.

The actor, who became the idol of youth around the world in the 1990s thanks to his role as Dylan, died after a stroke . He was only 52 years old …

“I will associate with him until I die, but that’s okay. I created Dylan McKay. He’s mine, ”said Luke Perry about his main movie character. But how much does Luke and Dylan have in common?

“If I were an adult then, I would kick my father’s ass”

In the series, the hero has a difficult relationship with his father. There is no doubt that the emotions that Dylan demonstrates are close to the actor himself. His parents divorced when Luke Perry was only 7.

“He was tough. He drank. He treated my mother very badly. If I was old enough then, I would kick his ass. This is where the roots of my disappointment in life come from, – the actor told about his early childhood.

“My father was cruel. This is the root of my disappointment in life. ”

Luke Perry

Fortunately, soon the future star managed to find a new family. When he was 12, his mother married a second time. She and her stepfather had an excellent relationship.

The actor’s family constantly moved from one small farm in Ohio to another. And in the end, she settled in a tiny town with a population of 2,500 – very far from the contingent of Beverly Hills – a wealthy Los Angeles area.

Luke Perry (right) and his friend during their school years. Photo: Courtesy of Mary Carter Davis
Perry did not do well in school, did not go to college. But I was constantly looking for ways to show creative energy. When he was entrusted to play the role of the mascot of the local football club, he donned a colorful bird’s feathers and landed on the field from a helicopter, which had been borrowed by his stepfather’s firm.

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“I am at home wherever I am alone”

“I felt different from everyone else,” said the actor, who left Ohio at 17. “I didn’t want to run away. I just felt like I belonged to the screen. I do not know why. Maybe because the people on the screen seemed closer to me than those around. ”

His first stop was Los Angeles. This city did not bring Luke Perry luck, so the actor went to New York, where he got his first roles in “soap” operas. But the successes did not turn his head.

Casting director Alexa Vogel, whose courses he attended, recalls: “He constantly wanted to be better and better. And he asked what he could do for this. He never had star fever ”

“I am at home wherever I am alone,” said the actor in the 90s, when he was at the peak of popularity. Although, in fact, he was never truly alone. At the beginning of his career, the guy became friends with Robert Arquette (he later changed gender and became Alexis) and his famous acting dynasty, which supported Luke during his failures.

From time to time, girls appeared in his bed. But the permanent place in Luke Perry’s bedroom was occupied by a miniature decorative pig of the Vietnamese breed …

Beverly Hills producers refused to pay salaries

“The bad boy who read poetry.”

Initially, the actor was not part of the main cast of the series. In the pilot episode, his character was not, and the plot was built around his brother and sister – Brandon and Brenda Walsh. However, the creator of “Beverly Hills 90210” Aaron Spelling was convinced that the series needed a bright and charismatic “badboy”.

It was Aaron who defended the candidacy of the actor and his character. A hero who did bad things for good reasons.

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They say that at first the producers even refused to pay Luke Perry a salary. Until they saw how the girls react to him …

Madonna herself adored him

The singer, who was also at the peak of popularity in the early 90s, admired the young actor. She personally called to invite him to the award, where she was the presenter. The actor was at that moment on the set of the series and decided that it was a prank. But he could not refuse Madonna …

Luke did not talk about their relationship. But, as their mutual friend said: at that time there was no guy who came to meet with Madonna and did not end up in her bed.

They say that Madonna still managed to lure Perry into her networks.

Photo with a weapon caused a furious scandal in the USA

In the 90s, Luke Perry appeared on the covers of all the major magazines in the world. But the most scandalous was his shooting for Vanity fair: the actor posed in jeans with a naked torso and weapons in his hands. The provocative photo caused a furious scandal in America. This trick was quite in the spirit of his character – Dylan, so Luke was quickly forgiven everything …

The same hooligan photo shoot by Luke Perry for Vanity Fair magazine.

But the actor was constantly trying to escape from his character. The first time Perry left the show was in the mid-90s, when he felt that his role was exhausted. However, other film work did not bring him the desired success. So he appeared from time to time in the following seasons of the series. I could not refuse impressive fees.

The actor’s career flashed with renewed vigor only in recent years. He played the father of the main character in the American TV hit “Riverdale”, and in the summer should appear in the new Tarantino film “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.” This role will be his last appearance on the big screens.

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The son is a wrestler, and the daughter is a volunteer

With wife Minnie Rachel Sharp.

Luke Perry’s wife for 10 years was Minnie Rachel Sharp. They met in 1991 – a year after the series was released. According to rumors, the girl was a fan of his. And to get attention, she sent her underwear in an envelope. The actor himself assured that they just met in a restaurant.

The girl was never a professional actress, but from time to time she appeared in small episodes. They divorced Luke Perry in 2003.

Bet had two children. His blue Jack is now 21 years old. He is a professional wrestler.

Daughter Sophia is 18. She has been a volunteer in South Africa in recent months. On her instagram, mostly photos with friends. But a few months ago, the girl published a touching photo with her father – he kisses her on the cheek during prom …

In recent years, the actor dated Sandy Madison Bayer, who worked as a family doctor in Beverly Hills. It is known that Luke Perry managed to propose to his girlfriend, but the wedding never took place …

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