Unobvious details from “Harry Potter”, learning about which you will fall off the broom

Despite the fact that the last Harry Potter book was published more than 10 years ago, the story of the famous wizard boy still hasn’t lost its relevance.

J.K. Rowling managed to create a whole magical world that pulsates and breathes, closely interacting with reality: the plot interweaving of “Harry Potter” is amazing!

Dedicated fans of the magic saga tirelessly re-read books and revisit films in search of ever new interesting details. What pleases you, every time you really discover something new for yourself .

We have prepared for you a list of 11 details that true fans of the famous film franchise did not even notice . Well, let’s open the door, behind which a dozen secrets are hiding. Alohomora!

1. It turns out that you have pronounced the name You-Know-Who incorrectly all your life.

He is not Voldemort, and certainly not Voldemort. In the original work, the Dark Lord is referred to as Lord Voldemort. From French vol de mort is translated as “flight of death” .

As you know, in French the letter t at the end of words is not readable, so the name of the main villain of the Potterian sounds something like this: “Voldemore” . J.K. Rowling herself once confirmed this on her Twitter.

2. Have you ever noticed what number Harry played under?

3. Judging by the office password and the treat on Dumbledore’s desk, the Headmaster of Hogwarts absolutely loved lemon sorbet!

4. The Dursleys wanted to be like everyone else so much that they didn’t even bother about which car to buy.

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5. If you look closely, in Deathly Hallows, Lucius Malfoy has a tattoo on his neck. This is the number of the prisoner of Azkaban.

6. According to Rowling, from the very beginning of the magic saga, she wanted to bring Ron and Hermione together , but at some point it seemed to her that these two did not fit together in any way.

In the end, the writer did leave them together, but at the same time added that these two would benefit from a consultation with a family psychologist.

7. When Albus Dumbledore first visits Tom Riddle at the orphanage, 7 pebbles can be seen in his room, representing 7 Horcruxes.

8. In one of the episodes in the Great Hall, on the table near Ravenclaw, cereal called Cheeri Owls appears that does not fit into the overall picture.

So, this is a magical owl allusion to the famous American Cheerios flakes.

9. At one time Minerva McGonagall also drove and played Quidditch.

10. The most keen-sighted ones could also notice in Riddle’s room a photo of the place where one of the Horcruxes was hidden – the Slytherin Locket.

11. Harry Potter and Ron Weasley for all known reasons never graduated from Hogwarts, but this did not prevent them from subsequently getting a job at the Ministry of Magic.

Unlike her bad friends, Hermione Granger later passed her final exams.

It’s funny that throughout the entire Potter series, both Rowling and the film directors were playing a kind of dialogue game with the reader and viewer. It’s a pity that not everyone was attentive.

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I need to watch the films somehow at my leisure. I am sure that after these facts I will look at many things in a new way.

Surely among your friends there are fans of “Harry Potter”. Share this article with them!

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