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Crusader Kings 3 introduces many changes and improvements to the series from Paradox Development. Although the game is more of an evolution than a revolution, there are some interesting new features implemented in it.

I’ve selected a few of the more interesting opinions to present some of the new features and improvements in the game.

Crusader Kings 3 has won the hearts of players. In just 11 days after the launch on Steam, there are already more than 14.5 thousand reviews, more than 90% of which are positive. The game cannot be denied significant popularity.

Creating your country
In Crusader Kings 3, the freedom to create original countries is taken to another level. The combination of a vast system of creating our own religion and personalized countries, provided we have enough land and resources, can lead to some rather strange creations. Read the comment by iLikeFluffyCats player:

“Be me. Choose a small land in Norway because you love to romanticize the Vikings … Try to build a great dynasty of loyal warriors. Take land for your family and start a war against your lord for his title. – And for some inexplicable reason, become part of the United Scandinavian Emirates))) ”

Creating our own religion
To quote a player known as The Spiffing Brit:

“Get an opponent. Create a religion with forced nudity – Imprison your opponent – Make your opponent become a nudist – Convert to Catholicism. In just 5 easy steps, humiliate and trample your enemy. 11 out of 10 is a very addicting game. ”

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Let’s also take a look at the feedback from Steam Street user:

“After 10 hours, I bump into a nudist courtier and in a panic press alt + f4 when my girlfriend entered the room, in the process when the courtier is trying to seduce me.”

Of course, both of these situations involve the possibility of creating your own religion. There are quite a few options, because we can choose from doctrines regarding the relationship to marriage, the rules of faith, and many strange aspects such as cannibalism. We also have the ability to choose our own dogmas. One of them is “Natural Primitivism”, which encourages our characters to go naked. I must admit that the creators of the game were not afraid to reproduce this style on character models =).

However, one should be careful when changing religious doctrines, because this can lead to some really strange consequences. To quote user Stalker:

“I married my daughter. They got a son. She kills you and marries her son. The son restores the Persian Empire))) “.

How to make character models look the same
The aforementioned story is also related to another mechanic, namely the effect of inheriting appearance from parents based on their DNA. Of course, this was already available in Crusader Kings 2, but in the third part, the principle of genetic inheritance was further developed. According to the developers, the game offers more than 10 times more appearance features than the previous one, and the system itself is considered more flexible and complex.

Mechanics of stress
Stress related events were already in the previous installment, but only Crusader Kings 3 makes stress a full mechanic. Stress left unattended, combined with some ruler traits and a series of unfortunate events, can be dangerous. It can also be an interesting addition to player adventures, as in the case of SirSenjin user ¦ Galactic Empire:

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“I started as a vassal of a lord. I wanted to be disloyal to my overlord and soon start a struggle for independence. Despite the difficult times for both of us, we get to know each other better. We both defended our borders from enemies. We became” brothers in arms “After all these events, we hunted and feasted together. My liege died due to old age at 81. I lost one of my best friends, was very nervous and became an ALCOHOLIC! 11/10 – I will try to become a disloyal vassal again!”

The story stems from the fact that too high a stress factor forces the player to reduce it by choosing a negative perk.

To summarize, the game has a lot of interesting mechanics. It allows players, especially those with a rich imagination, to experience many unusual adventures. Of course, getting started can be difficult due to the rather complex mechanics and interface. An example of this would be the player Sir Randy The Savage.

“15 hours later and I still don’t know how to play. 10/10 ”

But, of course, once we master the mechanics, the game will continue to fascinate us. Just look at this review by DeltaAce, a fan with over 100 hours of gameplay:

“It was supposed to be a two-hour affair …”

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