Valve changed the lasso for Lina

On the night of July 16, Valve released a major update for Dota 2. In the patch note, the developers did not mention one change: now Lina’s eyes do not shine if the hero is wearing a lasso.

Whether the developers planned to change the arcana for Lina, or whether this is a bug, is unknown. However, players have long been asking for this item to be reworked, especially the character’s fiery hair. On reddit, the opinions of users were divided: some believe that now the set can hardly even be called Immortal, while others like the new image.

In patch 7.27b, the developers have changed the balance of many heroes and a number of items. Andreas Frank Cr1t- Nielsen was not happy with the fact that Valve returned some characters to their old abilities. Alexey Nongrata Vasiliev also criticized the update.

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