Vera Afanasyev: “What you have not eaten in the morgue, you will find in Miratorg”

“Is it possible to expect smart speeches from the brothers of the woman who married Medvedev? Well, you stuck with your relative. Well, you received a loan from VEB-Bank of $ 700 million for 10 years, the interest on which was paid by the state. Well, you bought them out almost all of Russia’s agricultural complexes, and now a profit of 16.5 billion rubles a year, or 1.4 billion rubles a month, goes into your pocket, ” Professor of Saratov National Research State University Vera Afanasyev writes on Facebook , commenting on the sensational words of the President” Miratorg “Victor L CENI.

“So keep yourself in a rag and rejoice. No, fraer’s greed will ruin. First, let’s ban the import of Parmesan jamons. What people did they take in tons of suitcases?

And then, when they screwed up, no, to sit out and re-sing, even the whole country like this – “you don’t think about the development of the Motherland, balaboly”.

So now get brother acrobatics, boycott even from those who are jamon with Parmesan and did not smell – for stupidity and greed. “

Especially for you Alihanrin Alihan!
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