Was there a secret society of “Nine Unknowns” in Ancient India


In India, the legend of a secret organization, which is said to have a wealth of advanced knowledge, is widespread. It is believed that the Union of Nine, formed more than 2,000 years ago, was suspected of political and social manipulation to achieve their personal goals. But did such an organization really exist or was it just a legend?

The Nine Unknown Society was created after 273 BC. the ruler of the empire, Mauriev Ashoka. The grandson of the legendary ruler, uniting the entire continent, Ashoka sought to preserve his grandfather’s legacy and empire.

The state of Kalinga, located between Calcutta and Madras, opposed imperial rule, which led to war. Sources say that the superior forces of Ashoka killed more than 100,000 Kalinga warriors, more than 150,000 residents of the region were deported. Despite winning the war, Ashoka was horrified by the bloody massacre that led to such a victory. Since then, he forever renounced violence.

The emperor is best known for his attempts to spread Buddhism throughout India, Ceylon, Indonesia. Turn it into a world religion.
His efforts led to an increase in the number of followers of Buddhism in Tibet, Nepal, and Mongolia.

He abandoned the idea of ​​uniting the rebels through conquest. Ashoka believed that the only true conquest was the conquest of the hearts of people through the observance of piety and laws. He wanted all living things to live in safety, peace, and happiness. They were free to live as they like.

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The emperor was so devoted to this idea that he sought to prevent his brothers from directing his mind to commit evil, especially the evil associated with war. This task was impossible for one emperor. It was necessary to collect data, acquire and retain knowledge. Ashoka decided to call nine prominent Indian thinkers of the time for this purpose. For security reasons, their names were kept secret. Together, these geniuses formed a secret society that went down in history as the “Nine Unknowns”.

The group accumulated scientific knowledge from various fields, from natural science to psychology and the composition of matter. Only these nine were allowed to conduct scientific experiments, develop theories and technologies. It was believed that if such scientific baggage could go to ordinary people, they could not bear the temptation and use it for evil.

To better preserve scientific knowledge, each of the nine was instructed to write a book on a specific topic. The book was to be replenished with each new experience, each discovery. When one of the nine was forced to quit his job because of ill health, a desire to retire from work or death, he had to prepare a successor. The number of members of society should always have remained constant – 9 people. Thus, the society of “Nine Unknowns” supposedly exists for more than 2000 years.

In 1923, the English writer Talbot Mandy published his research on the secret society and provided a list of nine books:

“Propaganda” (on methods of psychological warfare);
“Physiology” (it talks about how you can destroy a person with the help of touch);
“Alchemy” (how to get gold);
“Communication” (about all possible means of communication);
“Gravity” (how to make an ancient Vedic vimana);
“Cosmogony” (exploration of the Universe);
“Light” (how to use it as a weapon);
“Sociology” (the rules of the evolution of societies, the laws of their functioning and decline).

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Did this society really exist? Most likely, Emperor Ashoka really could gather advice from nine wise educated contemporaries and classify their names. Not only he did this, but many rulers of antiquity. These people studied the tactics of warfare, the production of weapons, investigated social processes, conducted scientific experiments. But it is difficult to imagine that this group existed 2000 years and still controlled the global processes.

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