We train calmness or the top 10 games of the month

I must say right away that these are not top tops, not a world recognized rating, this is my personal opinion, and if you do not agree, we can discuss this in the comments, I will try to mention the games that pissed me off or continue to piss me off. And a couple more points, there will be no Dark Souls at all, not a single game in the series. Why? Because I didn’t play them. In the rating, all games have been personally tested and they pissed me out enough.

A bit of history

I have a feeling that the love for such games began somewhere in parallel with the kicker lessons. A couple of years ago, after a visit to a bar where there was a kicker, I decided that I just needed to do this sport! During the training, we discussed with the team the calmness training. in this game (kicker) you just need to control your nerves. how much in the game depends on micro-movements and they begin to suffer in case of an unstable emotional state. Well, in fact, including to train calmness, I played and continue to play some games.

10th place For the king

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An excellent turn-based RPG with nice polygonal graphics. She incredibly pissed me off with her complexity, you come to her like that for the first time, Oh, what a cute simple game, then they kill you on the 5th move … After a dozen skating rinks, you make your way to some boss, you defeat him and you think I’m all the king, but you are not they tear to pieces the crowds of mobs who have come back to the world. you didn’t manage to do some kind of quest …

9th place The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

The legend of the genre, I have not mastered this thing but it is beautiful in all its respects. I wildly like to watch how it is played, but I can’t play it myself, well, for some reason I can’t, it seems that the setting is interesting and informative, but for some reason it doesn’t come to play it myself, that’s only why she’s in this place … No sooner had this game pissed me off enough.

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8th place Iratus

This game attracted me, first of all, because I had to fight with positive characters there. The reverse of the game is great! But like the mastermind of the game, which will be in the top a little further, this game knows how to pull your nerves because you do not fully know what awaits you in battle, maybe you will be “unlucky” and then your majestic campaign will end much earlier than you expected.

7th place Wizard of legend

The most luxurious bagel was recently opened by me, but has already exhausted all my nerves. This game has an incredible ability to turn the situation into a very deplorable state in a couple of seconds. Here you have just dealt with several strong enemies, and in the next narrow corridor you are gripped by a crowd of the simplest homeless enemies and raped to a pulp, then, by will, you will become the master of the fire element …

6th place Stoneshard

Excellent turn-based hardcore RPG. Colossally unnerving because of the save and combat mechanics. Entering into an open duel with almost any group of enemies of death is similar to and can be saved only in specially designated places, some of them also have to be cleansed of all rabble. This game wasted a significant amount of my nerves and tempered me as well as the others on the list.

5th place Hotline miami

Another legend, I would even say the parent of my genre, although I can’t remember, clearly copying the mechanics of the followers, but it doesn’t matter. One hit and death. You can attack with anything and as you like, the main thing is not to get hit and now it seems to you that you have killed everyone, but a treacherous shot or blow once again puts you at the level that you pass for the 48th time, you have to be a very strong person to pass such games (I haven’t finished yet).

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4th place Exanima

Super beautiful and very strange in terms of combat mechanics, the game is still not released in any way. But this does not make her bad, she, as she infuriated with her complexity, continues to do it, perhaps the fact is that there are many incomplete improvements in the game and it is not entirely clear what and how to do, but this does not cease to be quite maddened. It attracts with its gloomy mystery and obscurity, complexity is just a seasoning for the main dish!

3rd place Enter the gungeon

So we got to the top three. And the third place, it seems to me, is the well-known bagel about weapons! This game conquered me for a very long time, the lore of the game is simply excellent, I just trudge from all these descriptions of enemies of weapons and artifacts. But this game also has difficulty! True, recently, after a long break, it felt like about a year or so, I went into the game and played it for the first time, either I was lucky with the drop, or the game was made easier, I still need to ride it and look more closely, maybe it doesn’t heat up the area so much lower back as before. At one time I could not even get to 4 of 5 floors, but that was a long time ago.

2nd place Durkest Dungeon

The silver medalist of our nomination, this darkest dungeon, is also a well-known game that is highly dependent on the case, and it is this accident that infuriates. You walk in such a pack, loaded with legendary adventurers trinkets, and then just a pack with two fucking crabs and your fighters will just bleed from the huge pincers of these strong guys … And all you have lost is a pumped-up party of heroes and 8 excellent trinkets …

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1 place Dead cells

And the first place still goes to the lord of dead cells! By the way, a question for connoisseurs of the lore of this game, does anyone know the name of the main character? This game certainly deserves a place in such a rating; it is more than ever able to besiege a very arrogant player and show that this is not the end. Here you again conquer the right hand and think that it’s all over, but no, here’s another cage for you and try again! And that’s a completely different story!

Should you play games that annoy and irritate you? My opinion is definitely YES! If you do not agree, write why not. When the game makes the player nervous and does a few reps it hones his skill to control himself in a tense situation, it is a very useful skill for everyday life!

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