What Charlotte Casiraghi looks like and what she does now

In this post, we’ll talk to you about Charlotte Casiraghi, the 11th contender in line to the throne of Monaco.

Charlotte Marie Pomelin Casiraghi was born on August 3, 1986 in Monaco in the family of Princess Carolina of Monaco and businessman Stefano Casiraghi, who died in a catastrophe in October 1990. Charlotte has two brothers and a sister.

Charlotte is the granddaughter of the first beauty in Hollywood and the Princess of Monaco, the stunning Grace Kelly and the daughter of Princess Caroline.

Charlotte’s father died in front of his wife, which left a big imprint on her psychological state.

Karolina took the children and went with them away from the places of memories. Charlotte from early childhood began to feel extremely lonely and devastated. Carolina was looking for her happiness and finally found it. She met the Hanoverian prince Ernst August V, gave birth to a daughter and the teenager Charlotte no longer needed her that much, which was very offensive for a growing girl who needed a mother so much.

But Charlotte had one but fiery passion: horses.

This was her main hobby.

In August 1998, Charlotte received her own horse as a gift. She named her Emilia and decided to get into show jumping. She began to take lessons from professional show jumping competitors and began to participate in competitions. But then she entered the Parisian Lyceum of Fenelon for women, studied there, and then she was attracted by the walls of the French State University for the Humanities of the Sorbonne. And, of course, there was no show jumping for a while. But her studies ended, and Charlotte again returned to her favorite workouts.

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In 2010, the girl took over as honorary president of the Global Champions Tour, and she was also appointed chairman of the Show Jumping Federation of the administrative center of Monte Carlo, which is really very honorable. The Gucci brand invited Charlotte to become the face of the brand, she agreed, and the brand’s stylists began to closely follow her image. Charlotte also helped the work of charitable foundations.

Charlotte is a very active girl, among other things, she still tried to work in journalism and even was the editor-in-chief.At the same time, the heiress tried her hand at journalism and was the editor of Above magazine. One of her close friends at that time was Stella McCartney, and then together she made a very interesting project: a free publication that published articles on fashion and ecology, the environment and style.

Charlotte even dated Brad Pitt, but apart from a couple of joint photos, nothing else remained of their relationship. In the late 2010s, Charlotte met Dmitry Rasam, the ex-husband of the Russian fashion model Maria Novoselova. Since then they have been together.

Charlotte has a son, Raphael, whom she gave birth to from actor Gad Elmaleh.

And the son of Balthazar from Dmitry. By the way, Dmitry Rasam is the son of the actress Karol Bouquet. And it is Charlotte’s second son who is the contender in line for the throne.

On June 1, 2019, Charlotte got married. Since then, she is happily married and found a real family.

Do you like Charlotte? Who does she look like, do you think?

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