What does the Faceless really hide? Game of Thrones

All the most mysterious involuntarily attracts our attention. That is why Yaken Khgar and the Order of the Faceless have gained popularity among the fan community. On the Internet, there are a lot of speculations and lack of theory on this subject, which originated as a result of the “drowning” of the heroes’ storyline. I tried to figure out all this garbage heap, and here I will bring dry facts from Martin’s books, from which you will know with 100% probability previously unknown, and sometimes shocking, facts about the most unusual characters of the Game of Thrones universe.

Caution! At the end of the article contains a small spoiler for the “Winds of Winter”.

How many Faceless are there?

Few people know, but Yaken Khgar or the Good Man was not the only impersonal. In “Dance with the Dragons”, Martin describes a meeting in the black and white house of 11 servants of the god of death who gathered to discuss the things to come. Interestingly, they all came to the castle through secret passages.

Black face

The plague-faced, like other servants of the god of death, entered the meeting through a secret passage. His face was disfigured by numerous ulcers and ulcers, however, his appearance did not frighten Arya at all. Also, the girl did not doubt that a kind person and a faceless face were different faceless, because she saw them together. Presumably, the plagueman stood above a kind person in the hierarchy, or they had different functions and tasks.

Where have we met the faceless and what are they up to?

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After the disappearance of a good man, the same character appears in the novel “The Feast of Vultures”. The fact that the good man and the Alchemist is the same faceless Martin does not directly mention anywhere, but judging by the description, none of the readers had any doubts that this was one person. Events unfolding in the citadel of the mausters in the Old Town. Man does not call himself, but only appears to be an alchemist, showing off the ability to turn iron into gold. The man deliberately meets the poor assistant of the Meister, Pate, and promises a gold coin for the key to all the doors of the citadel. Passing the stolen key to “Yaken” and receiving the long-awaited gold coin, Pat tries it on a tooth and dies from the poison with which it was smeared.

Winter Wind Spoiler

Remember how in one of the games of thrones series, the head of the house Greyjoyev dies on a suspension bridge? In the “Winds of Winter” spoilers, Euron Greyjoy confessed to his brother Airon that the faceless head of the house, Beilon, was killed by the faceless ones by his order.
What purpose is the faceless?
Already in the final of the book, Pat miraculously appears again. None of the people suspected anything except Sam Tarley, who literally smelled something amiss.

About the goal of a “good man” with the face of Pat, the network has developed a common opinion. After all, we did not see such a turn in the series, because the last time we saw the faceless only in season 6 of the series. I can say for sure that the fan community has a common opinion on this matter, but the majority is sure that the purpose of the faceless in the citadel is to search for information about the killing of dragons …

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