What happened to Thorin’s squad after the events of The Hobbit? A sad end awaited many

I think many people remember the ending of the book (and Peter Jackson’s film trilogy) “The Hobbit”. The forces of good defeat the dragon Smaug, defeat the orc armies and rebuild the dwarven kingdom of Erebor.

It would seem, happy ending, everyone should live happily ever after, as in the correct fairy tale. But that was not the case – the further fate of many members of the expedition turned out to be no less interesting, and somewhere even tragic.

The leader of the whole company, Thorin Oakenshield, died in the final battle of The Hobbit. Bilbo Baggins lived a rather long and calm life, and then met old age in Valinor with the elves. We were told in detail about the adventures of Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings.

But what happened to the other participants in the campaign to Erebor? There are many interesting things here too …

Those who died with Thorin
In addition to the leader of the campaign himself, two of his nephews, Fili and Kili, perished in the Battle of the Five Armies. They defended their uncle as best they could, bravely fighting the hordes of orcs, but still fell a heroic death.

By the way, it was because of this that Dain II Ironfoot began to rule in Erebor, since Fili and Kili were the last direct descendants of the ruling dynasty, which was interrupted with their death.

Someone stayed to live in Erebor
Some of the gnomes from Thorin’s squad remained to live in the conquered kingdom and no longer participated in any adventures. Except, perhaps, the defense of Erebor from the Easterlings who raided here during the War of the Ring.

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It was Dory (who during his travels often carried Bilbo on himself, since it was difficult for the hobbit to keep up with the dwarfs), as well as his brother Nori.

Back in Erebor, the merry brothers Bombur, Bofur and Bifur, the mighty warrior-dwarf Gloin (the father of the famous Lord of the Rings character Gimli), and Dwalin met their old age.

However, another part of the gnomes faced a sad end …

Balin’s failed expedition
Balin, the oldest member of Thorin’s squad, also lived in Erebor for some time after defeating the dragon and the orcs. But then he got an idea that cost him and many dwarves’ lives.

Balin wanted to return to the dwarves the abandoned kingdom of Moria, once one of the richest. Balin wanted to take possession of the deposits of the precious metal mithril, for which Moria was famous, and also secretly hoped to find there one of the rings of power that Sauron had gifted to the dwarves from time immemorial.

Balin organized a large expedition, which included some members of Thorin’s former squad. In particular, Ori and Oin. Together with them, he was able to partially push back the Orcish forces that had occupied Moria and proclaimed himself king.

But his reign did not last long. The orcs who flooded the caves of Moria did not want to retreat, and five years later Balin fell in one of the battles with them. Soon the other members of the expedition shared his fate.

And it is the remains of Balin, Dvalin, Ori and Oin that will subsequently be found by the main characters of The Lord of the Rings in the first part of the trilogy.

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So the members of Thorin’s squad ended their days, who were able to recapture the Lonely Mountain from the powerful dragon Smaug and the hordes of orcs.

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