What if there were more realism in video games

Good day. Games every year are becoming more beautiful, more graphical and more elaborate. And naturally, they are more and more like reality, both in terms of the picture and mechanically. Physics is becoming more natural, the characters walk like living people, not mannequins, stains appear on clothes from falling into a puddle, and so on. This is all very cool. But many things still raise many questions. For example, the fact that the hero falls from a great height and does not die, and then heals completely with one bandage. Naturally, this is more of a nitpick, and obviously, so I will not consider such things. But there are more hidden moments about which I want to dream up with you.

Enemies would be afraid to attack

Personally, I often had thoughts like “Well, where are you going? You are a simple guard, and I just flunked a healthy executioner in front of you.” Have you had this? And so I think that with greater realism, the enemies would not attack. One soldier would have been afraid to attack if the protagonist had just killed 10 of the same in front of his eyes. Also in fantasy games there would be rumors that the hero killed the dragon or overwhelmed the owner of the northern lands, who was considered almost invincible, so ordinary servants would certainly have fled to save their lives.

Quests would end very quickly

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In quests, it feels like time freezes around them. After all, quests most often look like “Enemies attacked the hut, deal with them” or “Happy cowards were stolen from me, find the thieves.” But whenever we take this quest it will be active and fully working. Moreover, most quests do not have a timer. That is, we can take it and execute it even at the end of the game, and the nip and his enemies will humbly wait for us. But if there was more realism, then such quests would quickly end. Many nips would be killed, enemies would be impossible to find, and rumors would go about us as a bad person. It would be especially funny when we took a quest and went off to make ourselves a tea, and nip does not understand what happened: “Friend, help, the criminals attacked the house there! Why are you frozen? There is not enough money? I will give everything, just help! Man! ,

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Puzzles would be easier to solve (or not solved at all)

Most of the puzzles in games require finding a special item or solving a puzzle. With greater realism, these items would be interchangeable. That is, if you need an ax to break a box, then a crowbar or a shotgun shot would do. If you need a wire to connect two batteries, then any wire would do (for example, I don’t rummage in electronics). Chests and locks that require a key could be broken. But some riddles would not be solved at all. Because often the objects for solving riddles are located before the riddles themselves. And then it happens that you find some kind of light bulb and the game says that it is necessary. Otherwise, we would have missed it.

There would be no obstacles

By analogy with puzzles, you need to find a key to go through the door. But the funny thing is that most often these doors are made of thin plywood, but you still need to look for a key. And under realism, most of the doors could be knocked out by yourself or with the help of an ax or a firearm. By the way, in Resident Evil 4 this moment was even screwed up. Overall, there would be fewer obstacles. Indeed, in many places you can crawl or climb, instead of bypassing or opening the door. And sometimes the obstacles even reach the point of absurdity, for example, in the same Resident Evil in the first parts, water was blocking the passage.

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