What is the real reason for Alliser Thorne’s hatred of Jon Snow?

For many episodes in a row, viewers of the “Game of Thrones” series watched the conflict between Alliser Thorne and Jon Snow. Why did the knight dislike Eddard Stark’s son? This is not as simple a question as it might seem …

At first glance, the answer is obvious. Alliser Thorne is an unpleasant person. Secretive, vengeful and harsh in words, he did not win the love of the brothers of the Night’s Watch. He openly mocked the recruits, giving them offensive nicknames and did not miss the opportunity to humiliate the weak.

The black brother especially hated John. The young man stood out from the rest of the recruits. From the first days he showed himself as a talented swordsman. John was much smarter and smarter than the other recruits. He quickly showed leadership qualities that could not escape the attention of the Lord Commander. Therefore, in Thorne’s eyes, John was an upstart. And no one likes upstarts …

However, this is not the main reason for hatred. To understand the reason for Thorne’s special dislike for John, one has to go back many years …

Year 283 from the conquest of Aegon. Lord Tywin, instead of defending the capital, betrayed King Aerys and massacred the city’s defenders.

Alliser Thorne was among the defenders. He was a noble knight, favored by fame and honor. Thorne had great connections at court. In the future, if King Aerys could hold out against the rebels, he could build a great career. However, all ambitious plans went to pieces …

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The treacherous Lord Tywin quickly put down the resistance. The Royal Harbor has fallen. He left the surviving defenders with a simple choice: either death by the sword, or wear black. Alliser Thorne chose the latter …

But where does John have to do with it, you ask? King’s Landing would not have fallen if not for the rebellion of Robert Baratheon, who was supported by many river lords, the Arryn Valley and the Guardian of the North Eddard Stark – the man who was considered John’s father.

Without Eddard Stark and his fierce northerners, Robert Baratheon would certainly have been defeated, and Allisser Thorne would not have been on the Wall.

And now, many years later, the subordination of Allisser Thorne was the bastard of Eddard Stark – the man in many ways because of whom he – the brilliant knight of King’s Landing – had to drag out a miserable existence among the scum of society. Instead of famous knights, he was surrounded by rapists, poachers and thieves. There was not even a hope for a glorious end, which would be sung by minstrels throughout Westeros. Only an unknown death from a wildling ax in the icy desert beyond the Wall … There is something to hate the son of the man who became the culprit for the fall of Ser Alisser Thorne – the brilliant knight of King Aerys II and the brave defender of King’s Landing …

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