What to eat in India for breakfast?

How often do you leave home only after drinking tea or coffee in the morning? You will never find such a thing in India, breakfast is laid tight here and we would rather think that it is lunch or dinner, but not.

Standard breakfast set:

it all starts with masala tea (tea with spices and milk) or plain milk. Only milk is usually warmed and sweetened. It was a shock for me when they offered me such milk. Many old people are still not used to tea, it used to be expensive and inaccessible pleasure.
then rice, rice dishes
vegetable stew
deep fat cakes
and polish everything sweet. No one will eat sweets here with tea
But the states in India are so different from each other, like different countries, so breakfast will be different everywhere.

In Kerala (southern India), they often have breakfast with flat cakes made from rice flour or putta – steamed rice cylinders made from steam. Stewed vegetables, vegetable curry and coconut chutney are served with tortillas.

In Maharashtra, Gujarat (south-west of India) and Delhi (North of India) they like to eat roti with wheat cakes (more about roti here) with stewed vegetables and curry.

If you walk early in the morning in some bedroom, NOT the central region, you can often see how people have breakfast, spreading bags of homemade food right on the sidewalk. Often these are drivers or cleaners. The middle class is unlikely to do so. Although just sitting in the middle of the road or eating on the floor of the house is easy!

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Here the social situation does not play a role, just the Indians like to sit in the lotus position, even the oldest grandparents.

How do you like Indian breakfast? Could eat stew or soup in the morning?

Especially for you Alihanrin Alihan!

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