When did the francs become french?

This transformation is an outstanding dualism of medieval European historiography. First of all, it addresses the question of the origin of the word “France” . In short, the word “France” in terms of etymology comes from the Latin “Francia” (“Land of the Franks”). In accordance with the territorial changes laid down in the very customs of the early Francs (the royal acquisitions of the father were divided between his sons), the name, starting from the 5th century, changes its semantic content.

But here we will stop. We are interested in the moment when the inhabitants of the “Land of the Franks” suddenly woke up in the morning by the French (of course, there never was such a moment, but let’s try to define it at the political level – the moment when the term “France” begins to be used for the first time).

It is believed that the first king to wear (not officially, but still) the title “Rex Franciae” (“King of France”) instead of the title “Rex Francorum” (“King of the Franks”) was the notorious Philip II August (1179-1223). from the Capetian dynasty. Thus, at the level of the monarch’s title, the Franks “turn” into the French . Immediately, we make an important reservation: during this period of time, the “first French” monarchs were unlikely to clearly represent the geographic outlines of their kingdoms, so such a title most likely claimed a certain image of unity, thereby helping to determine reality. There was no talk of a single French nation – much less a nation – of course. Though,

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The second title change has a church connotation : the Vatican had a hand in moving away from the “French” towards the “French” not only at the level of use of this word, but also emphasizing the piety of the French monarchs and the righteousness of French Catholics, considering them to be “faithful to Rome” Christians “and thereby separating them from the once pagan Francs.

Although, in fairness, it is worth saying that for a very long time the French in Europe and the Middle East were called “Franks” out of habit, nevertheless, the process of forming a single French nation, albeit at the level of one word and in “incorrect” feudal conditions, was in a sense launched.

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