Where does Garrick Ollivander get his wand materials?

This theory will not turn the Harry Potter universe upside down. Will not reveal the hidden meaning of Snape’s first words. Will not give us the Horcrux manufacturing technology. It will just expand our dear and beloved magical world a little more. Plus, personally, I believe that the theoretician’s titanic work deserves respect, at least.

Attention! The theory is based on books, films and Pottermore. The adapter is familiar with the latter very superficially, therefore it apologizes to true fans. So.

I believe that Albus Dumbledore and Garrick Ollivander are old and good friends. (No, not like with Grindelwald. Although, Merlin will sort it out.) From the evidence, for the most part, the arguments, however, will try to convince you.

Who doesn’t know Dumbledore? This brilliant wizard, talented inventor and just an interesting person, for more than a hundred years of adventure, met all the more or less significant Potterian personalities. And this is the first argument.

Next sticks. Ollivander is a hereditary stick maker. The best in the country (the best in the world, I think he became in old age). So who could Dumbledore go to to investigate the elderberry wand he got from Grindelwald? Obviously, to his peer.

By the way, about age. Dumbledore was born in 1881. Most of Dumbledore’s associates and friends are about the same age. (Except for Flamel, who is much older) What does the lore tell us about Oliwander’s age? At least the fact that at the time of the Fantastic Beasts and their habitats (1926) was already a “renowned wand maker”. To do this, he needed, at least, to be of legal age. This means that the year of his birth is no later than 1907. Let’s throw in another ten years to become famous and we get that at the time of the battle with Grindelwald, the age difference between them is insignificant.

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A similar biography. Dumbledore is a half-breed. His father Percival married an ordinary woman. Actually, Ollivander’s father – also a purebred wizard – married a Muggleborn. When the list of purebred wizards was revised in the 1930s-1940s, only those with a mother and a father were left on it. I think that everyone who was suddenly excommunicated from the rank of aristocrats, and began to despise along with the Squibs, began to communicate more closely.

Common interests. How good is Ollivander? His handmade products are bought even by snobs like the Malfoys. And why? Because he set out to find the perfect ingredients for the sticks. And, in the end, I found them. He spoke of his father:

“When I saw my father wrestle with low-quality materials like Kelpie’s hair, I definitely decided to find the perfect materials for myself.”

As you know, Ollivander uses 42-43 types of wood and three fillers in his chopsticks: dragon’s heart vein, phoenix feathers and unicorn hair. But we understand that to make a stick it is not enough to stick a phoenix feather into a piece of wood. This is not a pencil. Fine energy tuning is required here. And Ollivander is really good at this. However, without the components there will be nothing to customize. And the ingredients are very rare.

Dumbledore is a Gryffindor. However, he is known for research in all areas. Ollivander needed a phoenix feather at some point. And he went to one of the two famous tamed phoenixes. More precisely, to their owners, one of whom was Dumbledore. I’m sure Dumbledore was interested in Oliwander’s research and offered to help. This undoubtedly strengthened their acquaintance, making it a full-fledged friendship, even if until now they were only superficially familiar.

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So, Dragon Heart Vein, Phoenix Feather and Unicorn Hair. What do these creatures have in common? All three can be found in the vicinity of Hogwarts.

Black dragons live in Scotland, Welsh green, apparently in Wales. Both are relatively close to Hogwarts. Dumbledore knew about both, for he had researched dragons. He even discovered twelve ways to use their blood. Unicorns live in the Forbidden Forest, the entrance to which is allowed to teachers, students accompanied by teachers and special guests with the permission of the school director. Phoenix is ​​known to us.

Since Dumbledore, even without being a director, was clearly a high authority at Hogwarts, I think Ollivander had access wherever he needed to in his research. This is supported by the fact that most Hogwarts students have a core made of Unicorn hair.

Recommendations. Ollivander was suggested by Dumbledore to evaluate the quality of wands. No one doubted this, but the point is in the recommendation. Dumbledore was absolutely convinced of Oliwander’s honesty.

Someone who cannot be named, probably like Dumbledore at one time, realized that the wand must be studied before using it. For this he kidnapped Ollivander, and not someone else.

Companionship. As you contemplate that Dumbledore and Ollivander were probably friends, one might involuntarily wonder: Could Ollivander have been looking after Harry Potter like Mrs. Figg? I could. Could you have deceived the Dark Lord by assuming that he could lose because of the “alien” wand? I could. Could you deliberately give Harry Potter a wand that would “protect” him from the enemy? Easy. Although, this already looks like nonsense.

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