Where to go in Bulgaria: an overview of 10 cities

At one time in Bulgaria, Byzantium, the Roman and Ottoman empires left a trace, and we unfairly bypass sunny Bulgaria. And in vain. Here the air is filled with aromas of peaches, tart wine and rose oil. There is always a cute smile and shake his head in agreement.

From the sea to the rocks, from noisy discos to quiet villages with bushes of fancy flowers, from modern museums to the ruins of ancient times.

Good reached, tell about the main cities.

Varna (Varna)
Burgas (Burgas)
Nesebar (Nesebar)
Veliko Tarnovo (Veliko Tarnovo)
Blagoevgrad (Blagoevgrad)
Plovdiv (Plovdiv)
Ruse (Ruse)
Balchik (Balchik)
Sozopol (Sozopol)

The Bulgarian capital has something to show and tell: churches that have seen previous centuries, Soviet buildings and the ruins of the Roman Empire. 

A nice plus was that this is one of the most inexpensive capitals of the world in terms of prices.

Things to do?
Visit the most recognizable landmark of the city – the Church of St. Alexander Nevsky. Moreover, our compatriot was an architect, and Viktor Vasnetsov took part in the wall painting. There will be no bogatyrs, no.
At 11:00, look at the changing of the guard at the Presidential Palace.
Climb the Vitosha mountain and look at the panorama of the city.
Drink something cool in the pub Borisova Gradina.
Rate the work of the Ottomans, going to the Rotunda of St. George, built already in the III century.
Smoke hookah in a cafe on Vitosha street.
Buy an antique souvenir at a flea market near the church of Alexander Nevsky.
Where to go?
Go to the mineral springs in the city of Bankya, clean the body, the spirit, drink water from the fountain and get some fresh air.

Varna (Varna)

Many who had a deuce in geography think that Varna is the capital of Bulgaria. Well, partly they are right. This is the sea capital. Lying on the beach, hiding from the sun in the gardens, or wandering in the maze of old streets – all options are provided.

Things to do?
Donning to the Soviet Union in the Retro Museum: cars, furniture, clothes, food – everything is at its best. Or maybe even buy a poster with the Soviet slogan and hang it in the garage.
Admire the frescoes and ornaments in one of the largest Orthodox churches in the country – the Assumption Cathedral.
Shout “Bravo!” After the performance at the Summer Theater in the middle of the garden.
Dance all night in the beach bars.
Try Güvech, Shop Salad and Pork Ears at the legendary Stariya Chinar Restaurant.
Stroll with the ice cream in the Primorsky Garden, admiring the creation of nature and the magician gardeners, lie on the lawn until they are driven away, and look into the aquarium and planetarium.
Spend time in the ancient Roman terms. But unfortunately, it will not be possible to steam up anymore, only the ruins are preserved. But you can get to the concert.
Where to go?
20 minutes and you are in Golden Sands – the famous resort of Bulgaria. Ride on a banana, sunbathe, bury the satellite in the sand or go to the city water park.

On the way to Golden Sands, turn to the ruins of the famous rock monastery Aladzha. Nature, the cells hidden in the caves – romance. It is better not to stay until nightfall, there are legends that the ghosts of monks roam the monastery.

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Walking is common. But the stone forest – is already something. The valley “Stone Forest” consists of columns of different shapes and sizes with a mysterious, but definitely a long history. Whether petrified stumps, or stalagmites. The only thing is not to feed the squirrels, it is a pity to hide from the sun under the foliage. There is a miracle 20 kilometers from Varna.

Burgas (Burgas)
Vineyards and peach trees, the almost complete lack of attractions, which excludes crowds of tourists with cameras, but adds resort visitors in colorful shorts on a huge beach and in local cafes. Yes, this is Burgas.

Things to do?
Feed the birds on Lake Atanasovskoy. They are more than 400 species.
Run over the 300-meter pier under the spray of the sea and kiss any stranger standing at the end. If you wish.
Try to hear and make out the name of the one who is in love with you under the statue “Gramophone”. Such local fun.
To appreciate the talent of artists from around the world, go to the festival of sand figures. The theme of the year 2019 – favorite children’s heroes. It will last from July to September in the Seaside Park.
Go to an exhibition or performance at the casino. Surprised? Just the cultural center “Marine Casino” was designed for this kind of entertainment, but something went wrong. Now there are presentations, exhibitions, film premieres and performances.
Feel like a pilot in the online aviation museum.
Arrange a cultural program and walk through the museums: Natural History, Archaeological, Historical.
Where to go?
Go on a boat to the former lair of pirates, on the island of St. Anastasia. It is 6 kilometers from Bourgas. The whole history of the island is collected in a local museum: there was a convent in honor of St. Anastasia, and of course, a prison and a resort for bohemians.

Only 30 minutes from the city, and you are already sitting in the cool shade of the trees of the winery and tasting the wines of DiVes, winners of international awards.

Nesebar (Nesebar)

Nessebar is a small town on the UNESCO list. And the whole. Of course, he is more than 2500 years old. Once it was an ordinary port, and then built a whole city, which, during the course of history, passed from hand to hand. This is a puzzle of several cultures and eras. It is located on the peninsula, connected to the land by a bridge. And there is also an indecent number of churches.

Where not look, you can find partially preserved walls. Ruins only add charm to the city.

Things to do?
Look at the symbol of Nessebar – an old windmill. And even better – to meet her sunset.
Stroll down to the coast and eat local seafood: shark soup and grilled fish swell.
See how the fishermen lived, go to the Ethnographic Museum, learn about the culture and history of the city in the Archaeological Museum.
Even if you are not the most religious person, be sure to walk through the churches, here they are like “Chaykhons” in Moscow. Look at the church of Hagia Sophia. From her, however, little was left, but still. As well as the church of St. Stephen, St. John the Baptist. If this is not enough, you will find 37 more in the city.
Ride in the “black pipe” in the aqua park Aqua Paradise.
Where to go?
If during the day in Nessebar there is definitely something to do, then closer to the night, everything seems to be dying out. Therefore it is worth a trip to the resort Sunny Beach. Here is where the expanse and nightlife. Dance to house and techno, communicate with Europeans.

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For the curious, a trip to the Salt Museum in the town of Pomorie is suitable. There is an option for the king to lie in the bath with mud.

Veliko Tarnovo (Veliko Tarnovo)

Things to do?
Become the “King of the Mountain”, climb on Tsarevets and visit the fortress of the same name. At one time, the district at this mountain modestly called the “City of Kings”.
Take a free walking tour near the tourist center.
Have a picnic in the Svetla Gora park with a panoramic view of the city.
Knock off a cocktail at the Hipster Art bar, making small talk about art.
Make a selfie on the background of local street art.
Where to go?
Visit the village of Arbanassi, where about 330 people live, and the spirit of past centuries literally rolls over in the air. UNESCO claims that this place is an architectural reserve.

1.5 hours from the city is the village of Krushuna. Swim in the local waterfalls.

Blagoevgrad (Blagoevgrad)
The city, located at the mountain range of Rila, is more like Europe with modern buildings. It is absolutely not a tourist, rather more for life. The only thing is to stay here during the skiing season, as it is close at hand to the ski resort.

Things to do?
Arrange a tasting of red at the family winery Villa Miller.
Stroll through the park Bachinovo, admire the small waterfalls and amateur baseball game.
Go under the umbrellas in Largo Mall and go shopping with a clear conscience.
Pretend to be a student and get into an American university.
Where to go?
If you have the good fortune to be here during the ski season, then you should go to the ski resort of Bansko, just a little more than an hour away. With the season and events on the site .
If you come in the off-season – make a tracking to the Seven Rila Lakes , located in a glacial pit in the mountains of the city of Rila, and this is an hour and a half from Blagoevgrad.
To spend the night in the cell of the Rila monastery, which is also called the “Bulgarian Jerusalem”. Slightly less than an hour from Blagoevgrad. Not to be surprised if we say that the place is from the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Visit the Stob Pyramids and make unique photographs in the midst of rock formations. Just 20 minutes from the city.

Plovdiv (Plovdiv)

Things to do?
Sit in a preserved antique amphitheater on a hill overlooking the city and listen to a concert.
Drink a cup of craft beer in the art district and buy a souvenir from local craftsmen.
Run along the singing fountains in the city park Tsar Simeonova Gradina.
Climb up the hill where the Old Town is located, visit the exhibition in the Balabanov House or learn about the city in the Historical Museum.
Arrange a morning jog along the rowing canal.
Impudently get into the car of the Children’s train and climb the hill.
Where to go?
Go to the homeland of the Greek god of wine Dionysus and look at the place where, according to legend, Orpheus is buried. The city, by the way, is called Perperikon and is 1.5 hours drive from Plovdiv.

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If you come to Plovdiv in May or June, go to the Valley of Roses in Kazanluk, which is 1.5 hours away. At this time, something unimaginable happens here: roses of all shades, aromas and oils – this place is the largest supplier of rose oil. Buy a grandmother a gift.

45 km from Plovdiv is located the city of Banya. The name speaks for itself. This is a thermo-resort that Bulgarians present as Karlovy Vary. Mineral springs, pools and park. It’s time to put some health in order.

Ruse (Ruse)
The first film was shown here, the first printing house was founded and the railway was built.

Not to say that there are many attractions. But there is where to get out, especially if you have a secret passion for the Middle Ages.

Things to do?
Go to the opera or concert at the Opera House. Worth giving a chance. Schedule site .
Walking around the city and guessing which building belongs to which European hands.
Dine at one of the restaurants on the ship on the banks of the Danube.
Do what you have never done before: go to the National Museum of Transport and Communications.
Where to go?
Go to the cave Orlova Chuka, located 40 kilometers from Rus. Archaeologists believe that many thousands of years ago cavemen lived here. And, judging by the remains, bears. Stalactites of bizarre forms, the lake and the hall in which concerts are held. Impressive. And yes, bats fly past you a couple of times.

Balchik ( Balchik)
This is a small seaside town, full of tourists in the summer who want to spend their weekends in the fresh air, walking through the huge botanical garden. 

Things to do?
Sit on the royal throne at the residence of Queen Mary.
Learn about the plants of the Botanical Garden, taking a guide.
Try Sarmi (minced meat baked in grape leaves) and Ovcharska salad (fresh vegetables with cheese, boiled egg and ham) in the Veroni restaurant.
Get to know Bulgarian art at the Art Gallery.
Take a ride on a water scooter along the beaches of Balchik.
Look at the restoration of the temple of Cybele, the mother of the gods.
Dance at the beach disco until the morning.
Where to go?
Keep heading for Kaliakra cape, located 30 minutes from Balchik, and make unrealistic selfies. Here stands the fortress that defended the country. 

Sozopol (Sozopol)
History echoes modernity, romantic landscapes are diluted with sandy beaches, cultural events and galleries do not exclude beach bars.

Things to do?
To indulge in sweet pastries in a Turkish bakery on Apollonia Street.
Arrange unrestrained shopping for small shops of local craftsmen in the Old Town.
Buy date jam at the kind Bulgarian on the street.
Visit the Apollonia Art Festival.
Where to go?
By boat you can reach the impressive size of St. Ivan Island or the more modest St. Peter Island. Slow walks and admiring nature. We recommend to go diving, waiting for a lot of interesting things below.

Pitch a tent on the shore of one of the beaches near Sozopol: Goldfish, Kavatsite, Gradina. Meet the sunrises, swim and dance at beach parties.

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