Which countries should be afraid of China

China is developing rapidly and can already claim the title of one of the world leaders. The power of the Celestial Empire scares many, and I must say, not without reason. So which countries should be afraid of the development of the PRC?

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Japan, Korea and Taiwan

South Korea and Japan have become some of the most developed countries in the world thanks to their technology. In this, the Chinese are rapidly catching up with them. You can arbitrarily overcame that the conventional Xiaomi smartphone is still very far from Samsung or iPhones, but admit it – until recently, the gap was much larger.

Whoever says what, but the Chinese are rapidly closing the technology gap. This applies to both technology and cars. But at the same time, unlike Korea and Japan, as well as Taiwan, the Chinese obviously benefit from the price. So these countries should be quite afraid that the Celestial Empire will beat them in their own field.

Besides, China historically does not harbor warm feelings for the same Japan. Therefore, bypassing the Japanese will become a matter of principle for the Chinese.

Although there is an opinion that soon salaries in China will increase so much that it will become unprofitable to produce products there. So the country may lose the title of “world factory”.


While China is catching up with the Japanese and Koreans in terms of “physical” technologies, China is approaching the USA in the digital sphere. And in general, China will do everything to take America’s leadership in as fashionably more spheres. For the PRC, this is also a matter of principle, and in this matter they will go to the end.

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Africa and some Asian countries

China is actively lending to African countries, as well as Asian states such as Mongolia, Sri Lanka, and others. These countries are becoming increasingly dependent on Chinese finances, and this is followed by the political decisions that Beijing needs.

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