Which universities do the world elite study at

The University of St Andrews in Scotland is recognized as one of the UK’s richest students. How can you enter an elite university? And is it necessary?

The University of Scotland, which Prince William graduated from and where he met his current wife Kate Middleton, leads the ranking of British universities where the richest students in the kingdom study.

The list was compiled by the Daily Telegraph journalists based on data on the number of students who did not need educational loans for their studies. According to official statistics, 58% of the 1,625 freshmen at St Andrews University pay for their studies themselves.

Second place in the ranking went to the London School of Economics, where the percentage of freshmen from wealthy British families is 52 points. By the way, for the British, this particular university is considered the most expensive in the whole kingdom – the annual tuition fee for some specialties there can reach 6.9 thousand pounds (8 thousand euros).

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London Imperial College closes the top three – 51% of 2365 freshmen pay for their studies without the help of borrowed money.

“The University of St Andrews is very respected, the oldest university in the UK after Oxford and Cambridge, with an excellent reputation. Therefore, many aristocratic families like to send their children there, but they do not need financial support, ”explained Vyacheslav Lychagin, director of Global Dialog, that the Scottish University was popular among the British rich.

“The Guardian ranks St Andrews University as the best in Scotland, and 40% of its students are graduates of prestigious British private schools,” adds Irina Sledieva, CEO of AcademConsult.

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She recalled that, in addition to Prince William, this university, for example, graduated from the executive director of Rolls-Royce Sir John Rose and Olivier Sarkozy – the banker and half-brother of the current President of France. One of the presidents of the American Princeton University has a diploma from St. Andrews. “More directors from the list of the 100 most influential companies (FTSE 100) have come out of the walls of a Scottish university than from any other university in the UK,” says Irina Sledieva.

The cost of an annual tuition for a non-EU student in Britain is about twice that for a subject of the kingdom. The cost of one year of study (first higher education, bachelor’s degree) in St. Andrews for international students is 13.5 thousand pounds for all programs, except medicine, which costs 20 550 pounds per year. The cost of the second higher education (magistracy) is from 6.7 thousand to 15.2 thousand pounds per year, depending on the specialty.

At the London School of Economics for international students, the cost of one year of study (first higher education) is 14.5-15 thousand pounds.

“UK universities are very wealthy and do not select students for their ability to pay. The problem is that our school certificate is not recognized as equivalent to secondary education certificates in many countries, ”says Irina Sledieva. “It’s a completely different matter if you studied in at least the last two grades of secondary school in the country where you are going to enter the university. Any admissions committee, all other things being equal, will give preference to a person who has presented the usual certificate: in the UK it is A-Level, ”she explained.

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Other UK universities with wealthy children include University College London, where 49% of freshmen are family-funded, and King’s College (42%). At Cambridge, only 36% of new students have given up on education loans, while at Oxford the figure is 27%.

The poorest students at the University of Leeds – just 18% of its freshmen got by without a student loan.

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