Who collects peoples on Armageddon: dragon, beast and false prophet. Who are these orators of war?

“And I saw three unclean spirits, like toads, emerging from the mouth of the dragon and from the mouth of the beast and from the mouth of the false prophet: these are demonic spirits who make signs; they go to the kings of the earth of the whole universe to collect them in battle on that great day of God Almighty. ” Rev.16: 13,14

In a previous publication, I talked about the events that occur on the eve of Armageddon – the war of the king of the north and the king of the south , which is already flaring up. In this article I will tell you about the three forces that are gathering peoples on Armageddon who are interested – willingly or involuntarily – in a terrible, devastating, apocalyptic war. The book of Revelation calls them the dragon, the beast, and the false prophet.

Dragon, beast and false prophet.
Who are these three – the dragon, the beast, and the false prophet? What are these evil spirits? Of course, Satan is behind them all, but on earth, in history, they are represented by certain powerful political, religious and military-economic organizations of people. They are not hard to see in this prophetic text.

The Dragon
Let’s start with the dragon. We don’t need to think, to guess, to puzzle ourselves. Before the Bible mentions the dragon in the 16th chapter of Revelation, in the context of the final events, she already represents him well before. In Revelation 12, the dragon is the one who wanted to devour the baby Jesus and sought His death on the cross. ” Behold, a big red dragon with seven heads and ten horns … This dragon stood before his wife, who was to give birth, so that when she gave birth, she would devour her baby. And she gave birth to a male baby, which all nations should feed . .. ” (Rev 12: 3-5). Who is this baby? Of course, we are talking about Jesus Christ.

The massacre of infants in Bethlehem of Judea.
And who is the dragon? The king of the Jewish Herod, representing the Jewish state, gave the order to the Jewish soldiers subject to him, the army – to kill the baby Jesus Christ. We read about this in the gospels. It was King Herod who wanted the death of the Baby, and it was him, and not the Roman (as many mistakenly believe) soldiers who raided Bethlehem. And the crucifixion of Jesus was not at all an initiative of the Romans: it was the Jewish authorities who insisted on the persecution of Jesus and His death penalty. times, by and large, the dragon is Satan himself, falling from heaven . But Satan carries out his vile deeds on earth with the hands of the terrible conglomerates he created , human organized states , which the Bible likens to various beast monsters. And at the end of time, the dragon seems to embody the same power, the mortal wound of which, like the wound of the beast, was healed (Revelation 13: 3).

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King Herod gives the decree to kill babies.
The Zionist state of Israel, the earthly homeland of Jesus Christ, is as intolerant towards its true King at the end of time as it was two thousand years ago. It is around and with the participation of Israel that the last conflict takes place, on which the kings of the earth are gathered by unclean and dishonest propaganda machines expressing the interests of these organizations. Intrigue and the influence of the Zionists brewed the coolest porridge, which everyone will have to disentangle.

The beast
Who is this beast ? The last beast of Revelation, the one that comes out of the earth (Rev. 13), is the United States of America . Otherwise, this beast is called in the Bible the King of the North, or Babylon. The beast – he is not so much a schemer as a weapon in the hands of schemers. The beast has military power. And he thirsts for it, and will not fail to use it (see, for example, Dan 11: 40-45). But, as said, will come to its end. I do not write much about this beast here, because in many publications I have already addressed this topic. By reference – only some of them.

False prophet
Who is a false prophet? The Roman Catholic papacy (not to be confused with pious Catholics) – this is the false prophet who presents himself speaking unmistakably and with ultimate authority on behalf of God. This, of course, is blasphemy of the highest standard. The Pope calls himself the viceroy of Jesus Christ on this earth. In the Bible, the papacy is also portrayed as a beast that suffered a mortal wound, but which stands, almost invisible, behind a beast from the earth (USA) and also tries to manipulate it (Revelation 13th chapter).

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Once again, I do not want to offend the Jews, Americans and Catholics. I just want to warn them about where their “brutal” leaders lead them, and try to lead the whole world. Do not follow them! Armageddon is not a joke. Do not listen to the propaganda of the three demonic toads – although it is so strong that Russia seems to be leading it. But Russia, according to the prophecies, still does not fall for these toads. Although, thanks to demons, they sound loud and convincing. Be careful!

I hope to write more about this, but here I will not load you through measures. I will give only some biblical analogues, absolutely necessary. I will supplement later. Remember that the Bible is built in such a way that what happens at the beginning – on a different, more massive level, happens at the end. There are many examples of this. I will cite only one that directly relates to the topic.

Jesus Christ at the trial of Pontius Pilate.
At the end of time, the vile deeds that bring death to people, bring in principle the very three forces that oppressed Jesus and were the instruments of the killing of the Son of God. The prophet Zechariah, in the chapter devoted to the prophetic vision of the coming of the Messiah and the rejection of His powerful by the world, writes about those “shepherds” (leaders) whom God rejected for one month (Zech 11: 8). God rejected them because they rejected His Son. In one decisive month they rejected Him.

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Who are these three? The three powers that have been given by God the authority over the life of His Son are basically the same as at the end of time. To put Jesus Christ to death required “three signatures.” (1) King Herod – representing the Jewish state (a dragon who sought to kill Jesus from the beginning). (2) Pontius Pilate , representing the power of Rome, king of the north of that time (today it is the United States). (3) And the high priest Caiaphas , who was the head of the then official church and rejected his Shepherd. In the scenario of the last days, he is one who considers himself the head of the Catholic Church and the viceroy of the Son of God on earth – the Roman papacy, which has fooled the Western world.

Pilate, Herod and Caiaphas became “friends” for a short while, united against Jesus Christ. Their friendship did not last long, because in fact they hated each other.
What will happen?
From the Old Testament prophecies, we know (and the New Testament Book of Revelation reminds us of this) that the fragile unity and balance achieved by the dragon, the beast and the false prophet at the end of time will not last long. And then the “allies” will mercilessly destroy each other . Their chariots and horses went crazy. Their armies destroy each other. And there are ten horns (countries of Western Europe – NATO), which, at the beast ( USA ), tear the harlot into a rage – be it the papal harlot, or, as before, the Jewish harlot, or their symbiosis.

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