Who earned the most? Top 10 richest esports clubs in the CIS

Despite the emergence of a large number of sponsors in esports, one of the main sources of profit for clubs. Today we decided to find out how many during the existence of the best CIS teams their players won at all tournaments. 

10th place: Winstrike ($ 559,602)
 A relatively young club that has already managed to farm a substantial amount. True, most of this Winstrike got for 9-12 places at The International ($ 382,983), and without this, the figures look very meager, although the club opened divisions even in PUBG, Apex Legends and Overwatch. Still to come? 

9th place: forZe ($ 567,568)
One of the oldest clubs in Russia returned in 2017, and although it did not reach the world top, it took one of the main roles on the regional stage. The “forses” showed their best in CS: GO, earning three times more than in all other disciplines. At the same time, there are no big victories on the forZe account, the team has never won more than $ 50,000 (the record was set at the BLAST Pro Series in Moscow). 

8th place: AVANGAR ($ 858,469)
The success of the organization from Kazakhstan also brought a CS: GO roster, although the success of the PUBG team (over 100 thousand in prize money) should not be underestimated. The golden period for the organization was September 2019, when the team reached the final of the StarLadder Major and won the BLAST Pro Series. In addition, at the end of the year, the roster was bought out by Virtus.pro, on which AVANGAR could probably earn no less. 

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7th place: Team Spirit ($ 954,472)
The “dragons” have the entire sub-million divided between three disciplines: Counter-Strike, Dota 2 and Hearthstone. Recall that ShtanUdachi won the 2017 winter championship, and the second player in the HS roster is the legendary SilverName. In team disciplines Spirit only occasionally managed to get to the top, but at the same time consistently perform at tier-2 events. 

6th place: Vega Squadron ($ 1,011,493) 
Alas, now the “sharks” are going through hard times, and Vega’s success can only be observed in League of Legends. But once the team not only won the Continental League, but was a powerful force in the CIS Dota (remember ESL One New York 2015) and imposed a battle on the leaders in CS: GO (China Top, final of SL i-League S6). Now all this is over, which is a pity. 

5th place: HellRaisers ($ 1,625,119)
One and a half times more were fed by HellRaisers. This is mainly the result of the hard work of the CS: GO division – the team has consistently remained in the top for five years and brought more than half of all prize money to the club’s piggy bank. It is also worth noting the strong Dota 2 roster and (all of a sudden!) The World of Tanks team, which has earned more than $ 400,000 during the existence of esports in this game. 

4th place: Gambit Esports ($ 2,912,422)
This is one of four CIS clubs, which is in the world top 50 and was able to fit into the concept of several eSports disciplines at once. Firstly, CS: GO, where the team was in the top for a long time and managed to win the Major, and now the youth roster is performing well. Secondly, one of the leaders in the region in League of Legends and Dota 2. Thirdly, the development of promising areas like Apex Legends and Fortnite, where Gambit players have already managed to earn a lot. 

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3rd place: Team Empire ($ 3,019,575)
The “Imperials” earned a little more, but now the growth of the prize money in the club has started to decline. Two-thirds were the “gold” Dota 2 Team Empire roster in 2015-2017, when the team regularly won international championships and took part in The International. It is also worth noting one of the world’s most successful Rainbow Six teams, which has earned over $ 750,000. 

2nd place: Natus Vincere ($ 11,093,589)
It is possible to compare NAVI and VP for a long time, but the numbers speak inexorably about the insignificant superiority of the “bears”. As for the “born to win”, they round out the top ten best clubs in the world in terms of prize money: Dota 2 ($ 4.8 million) and CS: GO ($ 3.7 million) brought the most, of course. In third place, unexpectedly for many, World of Tanks ($ 0.7 million), where Natus Vincere dominated for several years. 

1st place: Virtus.pro ($ 14,305,322)
The Russian team is the fifth in the world ranking, behind only Team Liquid, OG, EG and Fnatic. The advantage over NAVI was achieved largely due to the success of the Dota 2 roster in 2016-2019, the entire division earned almost $ 10 million.

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