Who is the King of the Night? The meaning of the symbol walkers

The new season of “Game of Thrones” began “hotly” – the walkers left a message to the heroes: either a threat, or a warning, or a challenge. What is interesting in this message is the symbol: it does not appear in the series for the first time, and the creators obviously want to attract attention to it. But why? What could be behind him? Let’s figure it out. Caution: spoilers!

1. History

As we said, this symbol appears in the series more than once. For the first time, we can see him back in the third season: John and other members of the Night Watch inspect the Fist of the First People and see that the bodies of their dead brethren have disappeared. Their horses remained – dismembered and laid out in the same symbol.

Then this spiral appears in the sixth season, in the episode where we learn the story of the appearance of the White Walkers. Finally, something similar was discovered in the seventh season, when John and Deaneris descended into the caves under the Dragonstone. Presumably, these were the drawings of the Children of the Forest of the period when they had to unite with the First People.

2. Meanings

Briefly delve into the symbolism. I think many people have caught themselves thinking that this sign is a bit like a Kolovrat. Maybe even a swastika.

Before we get to the values ​​from the newest history, you can refer to more ancient sources. In many cultures of this kind, symbols have been associated with protection and luck. And in Asia cyclicality, movement in a circle were important; This is in an interesting way echoes our walker theory.


But now all the swastik characters are deeply connected in our minds with the fascist regime, so that the creators of the series could easily use it as a recognizable symbol of absolute evil.

But there is more. In the world of “Game of Thrones” this sign echoes in an interesting way with the symbol of the house Targaryen; let’s talk about it in more detail.

3. King of the Night – Targaryen?

You will agree that there are some common motives in the two symbols, although it would be strange to draw far-reaching conclusions on this basis.

This is also supported by the fact that the King of Night flies on a dragon quite to himself, and one of the creators of the show mentioned that only Targaryens can do it.

Interesting, of course; if this is true, how old is this family? And how did their ancestor end up behind the Wall in Västerås when, even five hundred years ago, the whole Targaryen family belonged to the Valyrian Empire?

Theorists claim that this may be a very distant ancestor. In that case, the relocation – or even the return – of the Targaryen on Västerås could have been part of the design of otherworldly forces …

How much more we do not know? What forces are behind what is happening and are they worth it? And, the main question – will the show have time to answer everything for the remaining five episodes? I want to believe, but hard to believe …

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