WHO told how best to drink water during the day

It is better not to drink the liquid immediately, but gradually, however, the immediate intake of the daily norm is not terrible for the organism.
Coordinator of the World Health Organization (WHO) for water, hygiene and health Bruce Gordon in an interview with RIA “Novosti” told how much water can lead to poisoning.

– Cases of so-called water poisoning are extremely rare. To do this, you need to drink three, four or even more liters at once , ”said Gordon, adding that there must be a low level of salt in the body at that moment.

He also stressed that it is better not to use the liquid immediately, but gradually throughout the day, but the instantaneous daily intake is not terrible for the body.

Earlier, Life said that American doctors found that exceeding a certain rate of water consumption per day can adversely affect a person’s well-being.

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