Who was the monk Abel – the elder who predicted the death of the Russian Empire

Monk Abel surprisingly accurately predicted the fate of all the kings for 100 years ahead, the arrival of Lenin and the attack of the fascists. I wonder how a simple monk saw the fate of Russia for many years to come? Let’s figure out who Abel was, what exactly he predicted, and why the king banished him to Solovki.

Monk Abel (in the world Vasily Vasilyev) was born in 1757 in the Tula region in a peasant family. From a young age I wanted to go to a monastery, but my parents forbade it. Vasily started a family and three children. But his family life was not carried away by him, and now, having become an independent man, Vasily decided to take a haircut as a monk. At 28, he left the family and became a monk, receiving the name Abel. He began to write prophecies after 9 years of monastic life. Abel lived a long life and died in Suzdal at the age of 84 years.

Monk Abel is a very real character, and not another attempt to make his “Russian Nostradamus”. In the Russian State Archive of Ancient Acts there is an interesting document of 1796 – a criminal case that was brought against Vasily Vasilyev for his prophecies. The reason is clear – Abel did not promise anything particularly positive for the current government.

Let’s look at Abel’s predictions that have come true. We divide them into two parts – modern for Abel of the 18-19th centuries and events of the 20th century.

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Savior Euthymius monastery in Suzdal – the resting place of the monk Abel
Savior Euthymius monastery in Suzdal – the resting place of the monk Abel
Accurate predictions for the Romanovs
Death of Catherine II. The first thing he predicted was the death of Empress Catherine II eight months later. They wanted to execute him, but Catherine herself ordered only to plant a monk in the Shlisselburg fortress. But the prediction came true!

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Revolt against Paul I. Paul I became king, but the monk predicted that his reign would not be long. And indicated the date of death of the king, which was confirmed. After this dangerous monk exiled to the Solovki.

The burning of Moscow by the French. Abel predicted the Patriotic War of 1812, that the French would burn down Moscow. He also predicted that the Russians would win the war and reach Paris. Nobody believed him, but when the prediction came true, Alexander I ordered the release of the monk.

Decembrist revolt. Abel predicted that the reign of the new emperor would begin with a rebellion of the nobles. And so it happened – the reign of Nicholas I began with the suppression of the Decembrist uprising.

These are events that happened during the life of a mysterious monk. But he was able to predict in detail the future of other representatives of the Romanov dynasty.

Alexander II. About this king, Abel told in detail that he would abolish serfdom, “drive out the Turks” (victory in the Russian-Turkish war) and carry out many reforms useful to the state. But, as the monk predicted, contemporaries will not appreciate this and will destroy the king. What, alas, happened. Seven attempts were made and the reforming emperor died in 1881 at the age of 62 years.

Predictions of the events of the 20th century
And now the fun begins. The fact is that Abel’s predictions were widely voiced at the end of the 19th century. And it would be possible to suspect the authors of dishonesty – they say, Catherine II and Paul guessed, and the rest was added by followers. As they say – for the sake of HYIP. But about the XX century, they could not know! And here the predictions are also unambiguous.

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Nicholas II. The monk predicted that Nicholas II would be the last from the house of the Romanovs. He will be a meek and religious ruler. But then the Great War begins and there will be a rebellion. “He will replace the crown of thorns with a crown of thorns,” says Abel. And Nicholas II will overthrow “a certain bald man.” The last Romanov, by the way, was shown this collection of prophecies, but he did not give him much attention.

The Great Patriotic War. Abel predicted the Second World War, which will be after the fall of the king. “New Batu in the West will raise his hand. But Russian power will rise, Baty will collapse! ”

USSR and modern Russia. When the royal power is overthrown – godlessness will come to Russia for a long time. And only at the end of the century the old tradition and Orthodoxy would return, Abel believed. What happened in 1991, when the Soviet Union collapsed, and Orthodoxy again became popular among the people.

There is a legend that was launched back in 1990 in the USSR that supposedly is a collection of Abel’s prophecies about modern Russia. There is mentioned a certain Boris (Yeltsin ?!) and that after him there will be long wars in the Caucasus. But there is no documentary evidence of this, which means there is no desire to speculate on this topic.

What do you think about this story? How, indeed, a simple monk was able to guess so much about future events! Modern science eliminates the opportunity to look into the future. Could this be just a wise man’s historical intuition or did he really see something? Well, I am sure that science will someday uncover this phenomenon.

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