Why Anglo-Saxon Ladies Prefer Viking Society

After the Scandinavian invasion of Britain and the formation of Danelo, local women began to show a certain interest in the harsh bearded northerners. Moreover: many of them openly preferred the Vikings to Anglo-Saxon men. And they had good reasons for this.

Ladies are always interested in foreigners – remember our last year’s World Cup. Firstly, exotic. The Scandinavian warriors, who ventured on a difficult campaign in new lands, radically differed from the local Anglo-Saxon farmers.

Most of them were strong and healthy – as a selection. A frail and sick man would hardly survive a many-day sea voyage – not to mention the constant battles. And outwardly differed from the Anglo-Saxons in almost everything. It was fashionable for the Vikings to let their eyes down with black paint. They did this, first of all, with a utilitarian purpose – so that during long sea voyages their eyes would not water. But the Anglo-Saxon ladies apparently liked it. And they also wore jewelry and dressed in bright clothes – so it was customary for them to demonstrate their wealth.

Cleanliness is the key to health
“A real man must be powerful, smelly and hairy.” The Vikings clearly did not meet this definition. “Mighty” is yes. “Hairy” is also possible, but with a reservation. According to archaeological excavations, the Vikings actively used combs and combs – and even brushed their teeth. They were not smelly either. Northerners from ancient times learned to wash in the bath every Saturday. It sounds wild these days – just once a week! However, given the fact that residents of early medieval Europe washed at best once a month, the Scandinavians against their background looked like real cleanliness. And Anglo-Saxon women simply could not help but appreciate it.

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Attitude to a woman
And this is perhaps the most important thing. If in Anglo-Saxon society of those years a woman was a completely disenfranchised and clogged creature with whom her husband could do whatever he wanted, then the Vikings had a slightly different attitude. They treated women with great respect and gave her an order of magnitude more rights. In the territory of Danelo, a woman could easily divorce her husband even because of his sexual impotence. And not only to get a divorce, but also to take half of his property from him. Another reason could be assault – as a rule, in such cases, the ting sided with the offended wife. The Anglo-Saxons, however, could have beaten their faithless without a beat, at least every day. Of course, the English women understood this very well and tried by all means to “round up” the Danes who appeared on their land. And, it seems, they are very successful in this.

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