Why Apple is the safest platform for personal and corporate use

Apple devices are not just considered one of the safest in the world. The company made a lot of efforts to popularize iPhone, iPad and Mac computers as gadgets with increased resistance to hacking. No wonder that any news that someone was able to achieve “more than you can” from an Apple device immediately provokes heated discussions. In Cupertino, they are proud of the safety of their devices and have every right to do so. After all, as we know, this is important not only for ordinary users, but also for those who use Apple gadgets in their business.

Apple security not only ordinary users, but also corporate users

It’s probably hard to imagine a company whose devices are more suitable for business in terms of security than Apple gadgets. The corporation cares so much about the privacy of its users that even US law enforcement authorities at one time could not access the iPhone without knowing the password, and even lawmakers failed to force Apple to violate the confidentiality of the correspondence of the owner of the iPhone, because this could create a dangerous precedent.


1Why Apple Devices Can Be Called Safe
2Additional security measures for iOS
3Why the company is better to use Apple devices
4How to make working with Apple even safer
Why Apple Devices Can Be Called Safe
You don’t need to go far for examples. Not everyone has recovered from the epidemics of the ransomware Petya and WannaCry, but many remember that the owners of Android devices and Windows computers suffered mainly from it. Due to the specificity and “closeness” of Apple’s operating systems – iOS and macOS, the epidemic passed them by, while the number of affected Android devices was tens of thousands. If you imagine that one of these smartphones could be used by a top manager of a large company that stores confidential information on your device, it’s not even possible to assess the damage from breaking his gadget.

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Of course, there is a virus for any system – therefore, periodically information appears on the Web that some hacker was able to crack something. But firstly, Apple in this case responds simply with lightning speed, eliminating all the software flaws and exploits; secondly, the user (especially corporate) is more likely to choose the system that is most protected.

In the corporate world, information stored on devices is often tens and hundreds of times more expensive than the devices themselves, ”says Anton Karpov, Apple ’s Softline Business Manager .

For iOS, in principle, there are no antiviruses, while in Google Play there are a lot of such applications. Why? The App Store team of moderators simply will not miss such a program, since it will consider it fraudulent. Indeed, for the antivirus to work, it is necessary not only to monitor what other applications are doing, but also to penetrate directly into the operating system code. And iOS, as we know, the operating system is never open source.

Apple ecosystem is one of the reasons for choosing for business

Additional security measures for iOS
Apple carefully monitors applications that fall into the App Store and approves them only after studying the code. In other words, an ordinary user cannot install the application from outside the official Apple store (we don’t talk about jailbreak, this is deliberate harm to the device). However, the Enterprise Developer program was developed specifically for corporate customers, which allows you to create your own applications and place them on the internal Apple Store. But in this case, special attention is paid to security. Using MDM it is possible not only to restrict access for certain users, but also to configure a security policy. The company knows for sure and can control which devices are used by employees, and how they gain access to the internal corporate network, resources and applications.

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The MDM profile allows you to flexibly configure your Apple device for corporate use and, in fact, represents an additional security measure for business. The administrator of the corporate environment of MDM has the authority not only to install and uninstall applications, but also to disable functions on the smartphone, track the location of the employee, limit Internet traffic, and also erase the device remotely. Nevertheless, any employee is primarily a person, and a person can lose a smartphone (even a corporate one), become a victim of scammers and so on. Additional control on Apple devices avoids the unpleasant consequences of such situations.

MDM control panel

Why is it best to use Apple devices at the company?
When it comes to creating a corporate mobile ecosystem, buying low-cost Android smartphones is not the best option. As we have seen, they are much less secure. Moreover, it can take from several weeks (at best) to several months to configure such devices, install the necessary software and provide the necessary level of security.

Apple is much easier. There is even a special service (AaaS), which allows you to immediately get a pre-configured device with all the necessary accessories, services and software. In Russia , Softline offers it on exclusive rights from Apple : that is, they don’t just give corporate iPhones, iPads and Macs, after which they send them free-floating, but they provide services without which these devices will not fully work in the corporate environment.

How to make working with Apple even safer
In the matter of security, much depends not only on the companies and tools that they use, but also on the users themselves. For example, turning on two-factor authorization on the device is not out of place – if you really want to secure your data, you haven’t come up with a better way. In this case, no one will be able to access your information in iCloud without confirmation. Even having an Apple fraudster ID and password will not help.

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It will also be useful to limit the capabilities of the locked screen. Why, for example, display the full text of notifications without authorization by the user? Or show transactions in Wallet, not to mention access to the Today menu without unlocking the iPhone.

It’s important that employees forget about safety.

The key is to update iOS on time. Apple is not just releasing updates; many of them fix critical vulnerabilities in the system. Fortunately, Apple’s operating systems have been supported by technology for 4-5 years. The only thing – you must not forget that in the case of corporate applications, it is necessary to control their correct operation on all versions of operating systems.

It is for these and many other reasons that specialists in various fields are actively using Apple technology. Increasingly, in the offices of various companies you can see the Mac, and employees communicate using the iPhone. The main reasons for choosing iPhone, iPad and Mac are simplicity, security, device configuration, support, software and integration. And, of course, integrated business solutions provided by third-party companies such as Softline .

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