Why are the system requirements of games growing inadequately?

Surely you have repeatedly noticed that modern games with graphics that remain at the level of AAA games of 2010-2015 are much more demanding on the “hardware” of the gamer. Why are the system requirements growing if there are minimal visual differences? I see the following reasons.

CD Projekt RED’s upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 could be the next GPU benchmark.
1. Reducing optimization costs . Developers take the path of least resistance, relying on the maximum use of available resources, but not with the aim of directly improving graphics.

On the contrary, it is more about the concept of “ah, it’ll do, they have a powerful PC for work and study . ” Examples?
The most beautiful Ori and the Will of the Wisps managed to slow down on any configuration at the time of release. Yes, it is stylish, with effects, but this is just an indie platformer with a picture not far from the level of Trine 3 .

2. Haste and deadlines . Thanks to modern publishers who put their projects on the pipeline and are ready to release a raw piece of software code instead of spending an extra month on improvements. This was the case with Sea of ​​Thieves , No Man’s Sky , Metro Exodus and others. And it’s not about the amount of content available, but about poor polish. It seems that the product has not been sufficiently tested on different configurations.

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Ghost of Tsushima is a prime example of a PS4 exclusive that squeezes the most out of the console.
3. Bet on the console version . And indeed it is! The main box office has long been collected on home consoles from Sony and Microsoft. The same Red Dead Redemption 2 looked amazing and worked even on the base PS4 (the device was released in 2013!), But only the lazy did not scold the port on the PC. By now, the situation has been corrected with patches, but the sediment remains.

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4. Agreements with manufacturers of video cards and CPUs . There is no direct evidence, but insiders say that AAA shooters and other high-budget projects are often optimized in such a way that the new card has a higher FPS, more stable, and uses some newly-minted chips.

One side gets advertising and sales, the other gets money. And everyone is happy, except for the players.

The recent Crysis Remastered does ray tracing in software!
Why do you think the system requirements are not growing at the level of the received graphical improvements? Share your vision of the situation in the comments, constructiveness is always welcome.

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