Why did Harry Potter fall in love with Ginny and not Hermione?

Harry Potter met Hermione even before enrolling in the magic academy – in the compartment of the Hogwarts Express. Ginny Weasley, his future wife, he saw even earlier, at the train station, where she saw off her older brothers. But at that moment he did not pay attention to the 10-year-old girl. But with Hermione, with whom he met a little later, the boy immediately entered into a conversation, which became the beginning of their long and strong friendship.

But the relationship between Harry Potter and Hermione Granger remained friendly. But Harry fell in love with Ginny, married her, they had two sons and a daughter. Why did friendship with Hermione not become the beginning of a great and bright feeling, but then the long courtship of Ginny, who was in love with Harry in her first year, eventually ended in success? Indeed, unlike the first love of the boy-who-survived, Zhou Chang, Ginny did not have outstanding beauty. And he made friends with her at Harry’s rather late – only in the sixth book, Rowling writes about any active communication between these two characters.

Many Harry Potter fans have tried to find an answer to this question. There was even a theory about Ginny’s use of a love potion, with which she managed to fall in love with Harry. Of course, the theory was rejected as absurd, because the consequences of using this potion are described by Rowling. The mother of Tom Riddle, the future Voldemort, used it, which affected both her lover and their son. But the very appearance of this version indicates that not all readers understand exactly this choice of Harry.

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The question itself can be broken down into two parts: why Harry didn’t have feelings for Hermione, and why he then fell in love with Ginny and not with someone else. At the same time, the break in relations between Harry and Zhou Chang is quite understandable – after all, she, in fact, betrayed him. But Hermione and Ginny have always been true friends of Harry Potter. There were no other girls of a suitable age next to him, whom Harry could fall in love with, and who would constantly accompany him, and not only at Hogwarts (for example, Ginny in the fifth book participates in the battle with the Death Eaters in the Department of Secrets of the Ministry of Magic).

So why did Harry end up picking Ginny out of the two, leaving Hermione in the friend zone? Many different answers have been given to this question:

Hermione was never attracted to Harry Potter (however, he drew attention to her beauty during the Yule Ball).
Harry deliberately yielded to Hermione for Ron Weasley, who was in love with her (but this love manifested itself rather late).

Harry did not forgive Hermione for her passion for the Bulgarian athlete Viktor Krum (but after all, apart from dancing together, there was no relationship between them).

Ginny aroused “animal feelings” in Harry, unlike Hermione (however, these feelings somehow manifested themselves only many years after Harry met Ginny).

Ginny played Quidditch, but Hermione didn’t.

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Hermione was always too serious, unlike Ginny, who liked to joke.

Hermione loved to command and control everyone, and Ginny did not suffer from this.

Hermione, like Harry, came from a Muggle family, and Ginny was a purebred sorceress.

Hermione is the only child of her parents, and Ginny lived among many brothers and sisters, so she knew how to adapt to someone else’s opinion, unlike Hermione, who was used to being right in everything.

Ginny, when she grew up, outwardly began to remind Harry of his mother, whom he saw in the mirror of Eminence. His love for Ginny is a manifestation of the Oedipus complex.

Most likely, it was not one of these reasons that worked, but a combination of several. Harry Potter became friends with Ginny, who actively sought his attention herself. Moreover, unlike Hermione, who was quite ready to be content with the role of a devoted friend and combat companion, Ginny initially positioned herself exactly as Harry’s girlfriend, and not just one of the combat units of Dumbledore’s Army. And, in the end, she got her way.

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