Why did the cosmonautics of the USSR collapse

The cosmonautics of the USSR, from the very beginning, was doomed to failure.


1) It was cosmonautics that became the basis of the collapse of the economy in the Soviet Union.

2) The rocket technologies of Germany , which were used in the USSR, became a chic push for progress , but were not a feasible burden for our engineers. Since they didn’t think of surviving any new technologies, but couldn’t leave for the ready for a long time.

3) After a man’s flight into space, by and large they could not come up with anything new. Could not, develop technological progress. Could not introduce innovations.

By and large, after the space race, this industry was not interesting to anyone . Fantastic flights to Mars and other planets, about this, no one thought. The lunar program was never mastered.

4) No one thought about our future , about what trace we will leave, how close we get closer to alien civilizations and stars. The government did not set such goals.

What cosmonautics in the USSR were we told about at school? This is all a farce. There are no technological achievements as such.

In textbooks on Astronomy, we did not write anything . The Americans did it for us . Which, with a plan of action and development, was much better.

The cosmonautics of the USSR fell apart without ever starting. There was one military goal. Nothing else. As you know,not one industry and not one institution will not last without a goal . Military goals were achieved extremely quickly.

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Unfortunately, the space program of modern Russia is developing even worse, or rather, is degrading. If we do not think up anything and change our ideology, then everything will become even sadder, and we will never come closer to distant stars.

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