Why did the Sith take revenge?

The title of Episode III of “Star Wars” speaks for itself. We know who the Sith are, but all the trilogies of the saga have not given an answer, and what are the Sith revenge for? I found out the answer much later, when I began to take an interest in the Expanded Universe, fortunately in the old canon they told a lot about this and with taste.

So sit back, the story will be about times so distant that only rare evidence of that era has come down to this day …

Before the Sith and Jedi?

At the beginning of time known to us, more than 36 thousand years before the reign of Palpatine, an order of Acolytes of the Force called the Je’dai was organized on the planet Tython. These creatures were gray – they used the Light and Dark sides of the Force at the same time and poetically compared the sides of the Force with the moons of Tython, one of which, Ashla, was always in the light, while the other, Bogan, bathed in darkness.

They saw the balance of Forces in the equality of both sides, and if the Je’dai was fond of Darkness, then he was sent to meditate on Ashla, and if he was overwhelmed with Light, then on Bogan. Possessing both sides of the Force, the Order existed and developed in some isolation, but one day something went wrong.

The Order first faced Rakata scouts with close ties to the Dark Side. Despite the fact that the invaders were driven back, it was possible to do this only by taking over the weapons of the invaders. The power sword, the invention of Rakat, became a formidable weapon in the hands of the Je’daya, but it threw off the balance of the Force, pulling the neutral Je’daya to the dark side.

Finally, part of the Je’dai, who changed their neutral orientation to the dark, opposed the rest, deciding to arrange the power of the Dark Side on the planet. In the ensuing Force Wars, which ended in favor of the Order, the balance on Tython was disrupted and the planet plunged into darkness. The survivors moved to Ossus, where they created a new Order of defenders of the weak and humiliated, which preached the need to follow the Light Side – the Jedi Order.

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First Great Schism

But even in the Jedi Order, many did not agree with the need to follow only the Light Side, comparing the state of the Order to a one-armed cripple. Of course, these were lonely dissidents who in themselves did not pose a danger, and did not want to represent it, wanting only knowledge, but not power.

One of them was a certain Xendor, who repeatedly asked the High Council to allow him to found an Academy, in which they could study the path of Bogan, the Dark Side. But the Council, mindful of the devastation that caused the imbalance on Tython, denied Xendor his initiative. He, accepting this refusal, left the Order and arbitrarily flew to the planet Lettow, where he nevertheless organized the Academy, but at the same time remained adherents of the Jedi path and their traditions.

Unfortunately, the High Council, not understanding the situation, decided to destroy the split in the bud and in the bud, starting a crusade against Xendor. He, not wanting bloodshed, refused to meet the troops of the Council and went directly to Ossus to show the Order that he did not want anything bad and only wants to study the paths of both sides of the Force.

But the Council, blinded by its own greatness, did not heed Xendor’s assurances and continued the war, involving more and more worlds in it, until all followers of Xendor, including himself, were destroyed.

Then the power of the Light Side was established in the galaxy for almost 17 thousand years.

First Sith

Amazing nearby, but forbidden. This is exactly what the small sect of Jedi Knights, led by Ajanta Poll, faced when they decided to use the Force differently from the Order. These knights have learned to use the Force to transform living beings. At some point, they realized that with proper study of the Force, the Jedi could conquer death and restore life to dead worlds.

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The rest of the Jedi were wary of Ajanta Pall’s experiments, remembering that the First Great Schism was the result of a desire for knowledge, which the Jedi Order did not encourage. But the apostate knights were unstoppable – following their dream of a world in which no one dies and no suffering, the apostates approached the dark side dangerously, and when the application of new knowledge required the use of the Darkness, Ajanta Poll did not hesitate to cross the line.

And this the Jedi Council could not ignore, but the attempt to return the lost to the light side in peace was unsuccessful. And then the war broke out. The Dark Jedi, as they came to be called, were in the minority, and the backbone of their armies were monstrous creatures of the dark side that instilled fear in the soldiers of the Republic.

But the Ajanta Poll case was quickly lost. The Dark Jedi remained in the minority and were quickly exterminated or captured. The Republic demanded the execution of the surviving apostates, but the Jedi Order showed unprecedented mercy and sent them into exile so that they would understand their mistakes and return to the Light Side on their own.

It was only in the souls of the apostates that rage was seething with defeat and the fallen Jedi were not going to realize what they had done. Sorzus Sin, one of the exiles, dispatched a ship at the behest of the Force, seeking the Sith Empire, lost somewhere in the Unknown Regions. With their help, the exiles were going to return to the Republic and show the Jedi who Groot is, who was ultimately right.

Long or short, but the fallen Jedi reached the desert planet Korriban, where they found the Sith. Having quickly dealt with the local ruler and demonstrated their abilities to the local, the exiles declared themselves gods, the only worthy rulers of Korriban. Ajanta Poll declared himself the first Dark Lord of the Sith and this title was destined to survive for millennia until the last of the Lords was destroyed.

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Over time, the fallen Jedi mingled with the local population, adopting their name – the Sith, and by the time of Darth Revan no one could tell who was who – and the fallen Jedi, and their soldiers were all called Sith. And the indigenous population of Korriban slowly died out in constant internecine wars and wars with the Republic.

What’s the bottom line?
Since then, the Sith’s fix has been to return to the Republic and take revenge on the Jedi for exile. Thousands of years have passed and many generations of both Sith and Jedi have changed, but the main goal of the Sith Lords was the destruction of the hated Order.

And now, finally, Palpatine, who took the name Darth Sidious and became the most powerful Sith lord in the entire existence of the Order, was able to finally realize the age-old dream – he destroyed the Jedi Order at the root, although he could not defeat it completely.

Palpatine got the fight for the fight. Nobody remembered the origins of the enmity, but they knew that the enemy must be destroyed

Alas, the Je’dai, who in ancient times created a school on Tython, would shake their heads sadly if they knew what kind of bloody religious, in essence, wars their descendants would wage. The balance is in the balance of two scales, and not in the complete destruction of one of them …

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