Why did Voldemort never question Snape’s loyalty?

The main villain from the Harry Potter books had every reason to be pleased with his super agent Severus Snape. It was Snape, almost immediately after his recruitment, in the “Boar’s Head” inn, who overheard the prophecy of Sibyl Trelawney about the appearance of the most terrible threat for the Dark Lord. Further, Snape managed to convince Dumbledore of his loyalty, for which he did not hesitate to use his youthful love for Lily Potter, who died at the hands of Voldemort. Thanks to this clever move, Snape infiltrated the very lair of his master’s enemies – not only at Hogwarts, but also in the Order of the Phoenix, where he obtained extremely valuable information that helped Voldemort in the implementation of his plans.

Finally, Severus personally killed the main enemy of the Death Eaters – Dumbledore himself, which even such a powerful magician as Gellert Grindelwald could not do before. As a loyal servant of Voldemort, Snape became the director of Hogwarts and put it in an exemplary (from the point of view of the Dark Lord) order, which Dolores Umbridge had previously failed to achieve, despite her high position in the Ministry of Magic.

Thus, Voldemort could fully trust his loyal supporter Severes Snape and he did not let him down – for example, it was only thanks to Snape that he was able to find out the exact time and place of Harry Potter transportation from his uncle and aunt’s house to “Burrow” (the home of the Weasley family), which gave the ability for Death Eaters to organize an attack at the right time. And only the need to take the Elder Wand forced Voldemort to sacrifice Snape’s life for the greater good.

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However, it was not at all in Voldemort’s character to trust someone unconditionally. For example, Lucius Malfoy and his family did not receive such an honor. Voldemort was not overly pleased with Lucius’s behavior in his absence. And this despite the fact that it was Lucius who slipped the diary of Tom Riddle, who was also one of the Horcruxes, the young Ginny Weasley. However, Voldemort ironically called Lucius “my slippery friend”, took up residence in his house and forced his son Draco to try to kill Dumbledore. Of course, Voldemort knew that Draco had very little chance of finishing off the old wizard, but he took pleasure in forcing the unfortunate young man to do this, blackmailing him with the lives of his parents.

Were there magicians that Voldemort could really trust completely? Yes, at least two. The first of these is Peter Pettigrew, who sacrificed his own hand to resurrect the Dark Lord. Alas, he was not the most powerful wizard, and he was not distinguished by a special mind. Voldemort could also rely on Bellatrix Lestrange, who was in love with him. All the other Death Eaters had their own motives for serving their master: they expected to occupy a high position after his victory, took the opportunity to take revenge on one of their personal enemies, etc.

It is impossible not to mention the moment when Bellatrix personally accused Snape of a double game (in which she, as readers and viewers of the Harry Potter epic know, was right). This happened in 1996 (in the text of Rowling’s sixth book), during a meeting between Snape and Narcissa Malfoy, which Bellatrix was also present. However, Snape denied her accusations, making an Unbreakable Vow to help Draco Malfoy fulfill Voldemort’s order to kill Dumbledore.

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In addition, Snape, back in 1991, prevented Voldemort, who was hiding under the guise of Professor Quirrell, from killing Harry Potter. But in this case, Snape excused himself by not knowing who exactly was hiding under the turban on the head of the Hogwarts teacher. Snape subsequently told Voldemort upon meeting, “What a pity you didn’t open up to me. Then you could be reborn four years ago. ” Therefore Voldemort did not suspect Snape of betrayal.

Every time Voldemort, out of caution or excessive suspicion, did not trust Snape with any important information, this led to the failure of his plans. Thus, Voldemort could make sure that absolute trust in Severus would be the most reasonable and beneficial behavior for him. With their subtle play, Dumbledore and his faithful assistant Severus Snape gradually convinced Voldemort that Snape could always be relied on for everything. Which ultimately played a fatal role in the fate of the Dark Lord.

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