Why Dumbledore didn’t protect Harry Potter

Today we’ll talk about an interesting topic. Let’s take a look at why Albus didn’t interfere with Harry’s life . Or is it not that simple?

To begin with, it is worth noting that Harry faced the dangers in each year of his studies. And life at Hogwarts has never been calm. Something was constantly happening.

At the very beginning of his training, Harry Albus still followed him, but did not do it explicitly. I think Dumbledore knew about all of his business outside of school. But I don’t understand how he allowed Tom Riddle to return in the goblet of fire. He could have banned Harry from competing. And I think he could suspect Moody , because obviously he knew him well and could understand that something was wrong with him . Or he knew everything, and this is exactly what should have happened in the end. This question remains open.

More Albus knew about Horcruxes , because he saw the blog and know where the medallion . It is possible that he did not fully understand the essence of these things. But he is the director of Hogwarts and a great wizard. It would not have been difficult for him to understand this issue. Still, he sent Harry for Slughorn’s memories .

In principle, he understood what was happening to Harry , but he either left everything to him, or helped, but in a very peculiar way. Most likely he did all this to make Harry stronger, because he had a very important mission.

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