Why Faramir is one of the best heroes in The Lord of the Rings. The epic fate of a great warrior

Throughout the Lord of the Rings trilogy, one of my favorite characters is Faramir. Yes, his role is far from being as ambitious as that of Aragorn and Frodo, he is not as famous a warrior as his brother Boromir, not as wise as Gandalf, not as mysterious as Legolas, and not as funny as Gimli.

But all the same, Faramir somehow attracts attention and arouses empathy, like almost no one in this film. He has a very strong sense of duty, patriotism, love for his family and courage. Apparently, these qualities make him human in our eyes.

But despite the fact that little attention is paid to Faramir in the cycle, we still know his story. And it is very interesting – this hero has had a lot of trials and accomplishments. I want to tell about them, as well as about his fate after the victory over evil.

In general, for the glory of Gondor, friends!

Origin and early years of Faramir

Faramir was from an ancient dynasty of governors of Gondor, a family that ruled the largest human kingdom for centuries after its last king died.

The family of governors traces its history back to the Numenoreans – however, they do not have the blood of the Numenorean kings, like, for example, Aragorn. These were noble nobles with a rich history of serving kings.

Since childhood, Faramir loved his older brother Boromir, who was for him the embodiment of courage, honor and strength. Faramir wanted to be like him in everything, and this feeling was spurred on by the fact that their father always put Boromir higher and was more proud of him.

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Faramir wanted to catch up with his brother and prove to his father that he was also worthy of his love. Therefore, from childhood, Faramir practiced martial arts: he fought with swords, commanded soldiers and, as he grew older, participated in skirmishes with the orcs and even became the leader of the Pathfinders of the South – the Dúnedain tribe from Ithilien.

By the way, if you remember, Aragorn was the leader of the Rangers of the North – so with Faramir they are in some way colleagues 🙂

All this made Faramir an excellent warrior and commander of Gondor.

Participation in the War of the Ring, in which Faramir proved to be a hero
Faramir met the hobbits Frodo and Sam on the outskirts of Mordor. He fought in the Gondorian province of Ithilien against the orcs that invaded the land. Soon Faramir learned the real purpose of Frodo’s journey, and then the hobbit was afraid for his life.

He still remembered how Boromir was temporarily insane and tried to take the Ring from him by force. But Faramir suddenly turned out to be better than his brother and purer in soul. Knowing about the power of the Ring and the fact that it could benefit Gondor, he refused to take it, foreseeing that it would not turn out good.

His father, the governor of Gondor, would not approve of this, but Faramir put his honor above the desire to earn the gratitude of his father, and in this act his true nobility was revealed. He let the hobbits go and even gave them supplies for the journey.

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After that, Faramir took an active part in the war with the orcs, defended key fortresses and even fought the Nazgul. His own father almost burned Faramir in a fit of madness, but fortunately, Gandalf managed to save the governor’s son, unlike his father.

After that, Faramir himself became the governor of Gondor and stayed there until the end of the war and the accession to the throne of Aragorn …

Further destiny

Aragorn, who united Gondor with the newly restored kingdom of Arnor and ascended to a single throne, appreciated the valor of Faramir and his merits in the war. For his heroism, Faramir received the title of lord and began to rule on behalf of Aragorn in Ithilien.

Another interesting fact about the fate of Faramir is his marriage to the daughter of King Rohan. That same beautiful warrior maiden Eowyn became Faramir’s wife and bore him a son. Together they settled in Ithilien, where Eowyn was nicknamed the White Maiden.

They restored this region and became the founders of their own dynasty, which later ruled this area for many years …

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