Why Gulfem remained faithful to Suleiman until the end of her life

Gulfem was the second concubine of Sultan Suleiman. She was born in 1497. Data on its origin is contradictory. There are versions of Polish, Sicilian, Albanian and Turkish origin. She came to the harem around 1511. In 1513 Gulfem bore sehzade Murad. But in 1521 the boy died of smallpox (at the same time, he died of sehzade Mahmood from concubine Fylane ).

After that, Gulfem was excommunicated from Suleiman and no longer gave birth to children. But what role did she play in the life of the sultan, why did she spend with him the rest of her life, which ended very sadly? …

There is a version that Gulfem still wanted to marry one of the court nobles. But Gulfem begged to leave her in the palace. Therefore, it is wrong to say that it was Sultan Suleiman who kept her near him.

Valide left her as a maid. But It is worth noting that the girl had a higher status than the rest of the slaves. Gulfem was friendly with members of the dynasty, as well as with other sultan’s concubines.

Gulfem was devout, distinguished by a docile, friendly, sympathetic character. She faithfully served the dynasty. And considering that Gulfem, until the last days, made Suleiman’s company in his walks and philosophical conversations, she was probably an interesting conversationalist. And the Sultan was attached to her as a friend. And she was loyal to him. Not for nothing, before her death, Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska Alexandra Anastasiaur Burma entrusted to her the care of the Sultan.

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Moreover, Gulfem was the only person who could be trusted. She was pleased with her position. Her character was modest and unassuming. In all difficulties she relied on the will of the Most High. Apparently, in this case, she meekly accepted her fate.

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