Why is “in the West” pure and in Russia not?

I was told here in one discussion literally the following: “it’s really boring not to crap at doorways and carry your bucket to the garbage bin. Live in Russia. ”

Those. man firmly believes that somewhere in the promised land is very clean and tidy. And here people just try to do everything to make it dirty.

I want to dispel this myth a little.

To begin with – purely not everywhere. Did everyone read The Three Musketeers? There it is very well described that in Paris and the windows the contents of the night pots are thrown out onto the street. There is even a legend that this is why wide-brimmed hats became fashionable in France.

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In the courtyard of the 21st century. The apartments have toilets, sorry. But walking along the street and throwing a hamburger wrapper under your feet, often with half an eaten hamburger, is in the order of things. And not only from the migrants who flooded Paris, like locusts, but also the original Parisians. About the “purity” of the French capital – the city of all lovers, did not write, probably only lazy.

And recently in the French press flashed information about the tightening of fines for the fact that people did not write on the street, in the courtyards, under the historical bridges. By the way, if the entrance is not closed, then in the hallways.

Those. do not write in Europe in the hallways, yeah.

But Italy. In Italy, there is a very “sweet” tradition. Throw unnecessary old things out of the windows to the street. Clothes, old furniture. This is especially accepted for Christmas, as a sign of renewal. The authorities are struggling with this. But we understand the level of culture of people who quietly throw their property onto the street, right? Venice is a city of canals. And these channels are very clean. Those. there is still garbage there, and special cleaners regularly clean it. And a very large fine for throwing something into the channel. I do not remember, I’m afraid to lie, but something around 300 euros. For one piece of paper. So in Venice is relatively clean. They try to be the capital of lovers too.

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There are very clean countries. The so-called Scandinavian. These are Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark. Often, people who talk about cleanliness, if they went somewhere, it was in Finland. In these countries, pure, yes.

If we discover the old laws of these countries, it will turn out to be a couple of centuries, or even more, for punishment on the streets of punishment – the rod in the square. Namusoril – get it right. Now do not poryat. But the laws are draconian. For uncut grass in different countries in different ways, but give +/- 500 euros. And this is a very decent amount, even for rich countries. That mowed lawns. And do not write in the hallways usually. But here is another. Finding a good apartment in a good house is very difficult. And housing is most often removable. Catch you up with a wet job and goodbye a nice apartment. You will also pay the fine.

But the Scandinavians are people after all. They are very right and law-abiding in everyday life, drunk and relaxed, they behave exactly the same as everyone else. And even worse.

If the latest homeless person in Russia, the zabuldyga will try to crawl away into the bushes so that it will quietly vomit (it’s not a fact that he will succeed, but he will try), then a drunk Scandinavian will get sick right at his feet, as well as at his neighbors. And then in all this it can also fall asleep, next to broken bottles, pissing and copulating people. Then, this crazy Bacchanalia will surely disperse, and neat cleaning machines will come along with the cleaners, clean up all the levies and take away the completely insane. Do not believe – ask those who actually visited Oktoberfest. Or at least at some youth festival in Scandinavia. Maybe the open-air rock festival or something else.

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And Russians – there are pigs, yes. Especially enraged super-smart, who put their garbage on the landing. They swear at them, they are taught. There are not many of them. As not so many who write in the stairwell. But for the most part Russians are very careful. They are careful not for fear, not because they are fined soldered, but for conscience.

You can not love your country. But do not believe in stories, do not let yourself be fooled.

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