Why League of Legends is good, why do I like it more than Dota 2? 10 reasons

Hello dear users! We already talked about hots, but now you can return to your old and beloved Lol! I say right away that this will be more of a subjective opinion, since it is too early for me to pretend to be objective, but I will try to somehow explain everything adequately.

I hope I succeed, so let’s just say that I played both games for a long time, but still in Dota2, as my time passed very quickly, and in total more than 5 years, that’s for sure, but lol started to like it relatively recently.

10 – Regular games

It probably sounds strange for Dota 2 players, but playing ordinary non-ranked games in lol is quite interesting, even I would say that it is more interesting than ranked ones, since there is no such toxicity and negativeness due to defeat.

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9 – Matchmaking

It’s done well, since these guys are really doing it, and even playing on Russian servers, I do not experience any difficulties in terms of toxicity. And 50% of wr keeps, which of course pleases when you want to spend more relaxed time in the game.

8 – Buying Characters

Perhaps for some this is a minus, but I believe that it is better to take one character, specific, and, as it were, study it, thereby you improve your skill, and you give others less trouble. I remember a quest in Dota, when I had to play all the heroes, and how many people ruined the game by this, it’s funny!)

7 – Character customization

Here, immediately about customization, since it is very cool, riot really devotes a lot of effort to this, not counting the clips, and other features. A nice bonus is that you can get them for free, even the most exclusive and rare ones, again hello to Dota, where the battle-pass just spoils it all for me, because buying a 600+ level, to get only one arcana that you liked, is absurd.

6 – Runes

A nice bonus for those who like to make their own builds, but perhaps immediately a minus, since I don’t like to worry about it, and it’s easier for me to choose a standard pack of runes, which obviously won’t be as cool as I could have made, but again this is personally I think many people like it!

5 – Frequent updates + New characters

Again, I just want to praise the Riot company, for the fact that they are doing so much work, constantly adding new characters, some updates, and when I take a break from lol, I go, I will see a lot of new content there anyway!

4 – Revork old characters

This also applies to the previous plus, and it is very nice to see how old heroes are not forgotten, they are constantly changing for the better, which happens in Dota 2 only once a year, and thanks to donators that the compendium still raises huge sums.)

3 – Lor

Perhaps also not a little important part of the game, this is its lore, namely the history of each characters, in leage of legends everything is very cheerful with this, each has its own unique and interesting story.

2 – Cinematics

It’s nice when not only in the game, but also around it, cool content is created that attracts a new audience, and just pleasantly pleases the existing one. What is worth their presentation of new characters, I immediately remember KDA, or Jinx, which were perfectly presented.

1 – Organizing tournaments

No matter how good Gabe is in sneakers and a home shirt, but before the opening of the Leage of Legends World Cup, valve is very far behind, well, very much, for 10 years. And this year, which did without international at all, again I think many disappointed. Although Riot was able to implement everything perfectly.

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