Why was Marilyn Monroe unhappy and lonely? What went wrong in the fate of the beauty?

Merlin Monroe was an idol for thousands of viewers, her name is still known all over the world, and films with her participation are included in the golden fund of cinema.

A woman with a very difficult life destiny, playing the role of a charming and carefree blonde, in reality was unhappy and lonely.

Marilyn’s difficult childhood

The mother of the future actress abandoned her as a child, as she believed that she could not provide for her daughter. The girl wandered around foster families and orphanages.

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Until one moment the mother, whose name was Gladys, took the girl back again. But family happiness did not last long, and Gladys was admitted to the clinic with a mental disorder. Norma (real name Marilyn Monroe) became an orphan again.

Unhappiness in love

Marilyn has been looking for love all her life, trying to find what she was deprived of in childhood. But, unfortunately, all her attempts were unsuccessful: marriages broke up, and lovers did not take her seriously.

She met her first spouse as a very young girl. It was at that moment that Norma met the photographer, and her life changed dramatically. The husband did not approve of his wife’s new hobbies, and they soon divorced.

The second marriage turned out to be a nightmare for Marilyn, as the famous athlete Joe DiMaggio was too jealous, and their marriage also did not pass the test of strength. The third one broke up due to the fact that her husband felt material dependence on an already popular actress.

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Mental disorders and spiritual emptiness

Marilyn Monroe managed to create the image of a bright, happy and slightly silly woman, but in reality she never managed to find happiness.

Problems from childhood, complexes and fears pursued her until her death. She often woke up from nightmares, which contributed to the development of insomnia. She had health problems, due to which, she experienced severe pain, which also affected her mental state.

In addition, constant loneliness and inner emptiness intensified all the symptoms of illness. In psychology, there is even a term “Marilyn Monroe syndrome”, which means latent mental disorder with visible success.

Problems with motherhood

The actress wanted to become a mother for a long time, but all her attempts were unsuccessful. She suffered three miscarriages due to health problems.

The fourth pregnancy also ended sadly. It was rumored that Marilyn was not expecting a child from her husband. How the fourth pregnancy ended is still unknown.

The desire to change the image
In her years, Monroe was a style icon, her image was considered one of the most popular and attractive in the history of cinema. But it turns out that the actress hated the role of a stupid and carefree girl.

She believed that she was capable of more, for complex dramatic roles, but no one took the girl seriously. Marilyn read a lot and tried to get to know acting as well as possible: she was fond of Stanislavsky, attended various acting courses, but none of this helped.

The actress often made scandals, but because of the contract signed in her youth, she could not set her own conditions. Unfortunately, this also contributed to the deterioration of her morale.

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