Why were the elves, being the most advanced civilization in Middle-earth, not captured by all the other peoples, but in the end were forced to sail away?

Simple answers have already been given, but I’m afraid they are all too simple.
First, who are the elves, the word Tolkien:

“Of course, as a fact external to my story, elves and people are just different aspects of humanity, and they represent the problem of Death, as it is seen as a finite, but self-conscious and self-conscious person. In this mythical world, elves and people in their embodied form – relatives, but the relationship of their “souls” to the world in time is a different “experience”, each of which has its own natural tendency and weakness. Elves as they are, represent the artistic, aesthetic and purely scientific aspects of human nature of such a high level, it doesn’t actually occur in humans “[ 1 , Let.181]
Secondly, what happened to the elves and humans. They followed Melkor, before the fall of the strongest of the valar, began to distort the will of Eru and, thereby, destroy the world. Later they began to fight with each other. The world began to diminish, fade away. And it was the highest ones, the elves, who were the first to weaken in it.

The novel tells the end of the story of the Ring of omnipotence. The ring was created by Sauron and was intended to control the Rings of power that the elves created partly themselves, and partly in collaboration with Sauron. The rings supported the dying world once the power invested in them. So the elves tried to linger in the world, to invest power in something stronger than flesh.

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But Sauron deceived them, helping them and teaching them made his ring and the rings turned out to be subordinate to his ring and him.

Galadriel said of the destruction of the ring:

… And if you manage to complete your task, then our strength will decrease, and Lothlorien will fade, and the waves of Time will wash him away. We must go to the West or belittle the common people of caves and valleys and slowly forget everything and be forgotten.
Yes, Sauron and the people he taught began to surpass the elves in power. But it is a brute force that began to force nature and the artistic and aesthetic side of Sauron and his heirs are certainly trampled.

Notice, for example, the theme of trees going through the novel. First, trees and Ents die, and in the end, although Sauron is defeated, the hobbits return home, where ugly new buildings grew on the place of the poplar alley and some pipes smoked the sky.

What are the elves among the smoking pipes. Smoking pipes are technological progress, but distorted with the death of the artistic and aesthetic component. So the elves left.

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