Why would Apple refuse Face ID?

The Face ID face recognition interface , which Apple replaced the fingerprint scanner, can be considered a transitional stage before the emergence of a more technologically advanced identification method. This was stated by analysts at Credit Suisse, citing sources close to the plans of the company from Cupertino. According to them, as early as 2021, Apple would abandon the notch on the iPhone screen – at least some – and would no longer be able to continue using Face ID.

The transition from one method of identification to another will occur in two stages, but it will be quite swift, analysts clarify. Already in 2020, Apple will release at least one iPhone with a more miniature notch or no hole with a built-in Touch ID display. According to some reports, this model will be exclusively available only in the Chinese market.

What will be the new iPhone
And a year later – in 2021 – Apple will transfer the entire iPhone line to Touch ID screens. True, there is still a chance that in Cupertino they will decide not to abandon Face ID, but will retain both methods of identification, giving users the freedom to choose. It will depend on whether the company finds a solution on how to keep the recognition sensor system in the absence of a notch. To this end, Apple suppliers may have to master the production of display panels not only with a hidden scanner, but also with a hidden front-end.

In fact, it will be rather strange if you suddenly give up Face ID in Cupertino, albeit in favor of the screen fingerprint scanner, considering how zealously Apple promoted the face recognition technology. Therefore, in order not to lose credibility in the eyes of their own fans, the company’s management will have to develop a serious marketing strategy that will help convince users of the superiority of the Touch ID located under the screen over the Face ID, to which many have become accustomed.

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