Wolof: The darkest, tallest and majestic people of Africa

This nation of almost 5 million people is the most numerous in Senegal. Its history goes back to deep antiquity, and the traditions are very interesting.

In addition to their own language, which is part of the Nigero-Congolese family that is very common in Africa, Wolof also speak English, French and sometimes even Arabic. So we can say that this is a polyglot nation.

In religious terms, too, everything is quite difficult. The basis, of course, is traditional pagan beliefs. Some Wolof groups are devoted to them completely, but even more are those who mix them with Christianity or Islam.

In general, the spread of religions here is quite interesting. Islam began to penetrate to people living in West and Central Africa about one thousand years ago, but it was not very firmly established, although it had some influence.

After about a couple of centuries, the people had a semblance of their own state, which became dependent on the empire of Mali. It existed until about the middle of the XVI century. Shortly before this, Wolof had time to get acquainted with Christianity, which was brought to them by the first Portuguese slave traders.

It must be said that on the basis of this occupation, Wolof easily found a common language with the countrymen of the glorious Vasco da Gama, becoming one of the best hunters for people. They snooped almost all over Africa, made terrific forced marches, and all in order to catch more bipedal cattle. Naturally, now it is not customary to talk about it loudly.

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When the French began to move into these places, the Wolof took the side of their Portuguese companions. But it did not work, and a couple of centuries ago, these lands became part of the French colonies. At the same time, the re-entry of Islam begins in these places, and various Sufi brotherhoods began to acquire significant influence.

This Islamic branch, on the one hand, being very scrupulous in matters of rituals, at the same time is distinguished by the greatest democracy. In Sufism, oddly enough, there are generally many pantheistic ideas and contemplative mysticism, for which he has been repeatedly criticized by other Muslims.

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