XXXTentacion Biography

Biography: XXXTentacion

XXXTentacion is a young rapper from Florida who has skyrocketed to the peak of popularity in a couple of years. Lacking full-fledged releases, in 2016 with 3-4 tracks the guy managed to win the hearts of an army of fans.

In music, XXXTentacion did not adhere to one trend and was not a “pure” rapper – the vocalist followed the mood and boldly combined hip-hop with R&B, alternative rock or metal.

The rapper’s “hardcore” lifestyle, which regularly appeared in crime chronicles, contributed a lot to the popularity. The final chord of XXXTentacion’s biography was death, which forced even those who had not previously been interested in his work to talk about a desperate and talented American.

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Childhood and youth
Jacey Dwayne Onfroy was born in early 1998 on the Atlantic coast, in hot Florida. The future singer spent his childhood in the city of Pompano Beach. The name of the 100-thousandth city was given in honor of the pompano fish, which were found in abundance in local waters.

Jasei’s parents did not pay due attention to raising their son, so the boy grew up without any restrictions and clear moral principles. From an early age, the African American got into trouble until they became criminal in nature.

Jacey Dwayne said goodbye to the school as a teenager: the teachers could not cope with the conflicted and cocky guy and petitioned for expulsion. The management showed the boy to the door.

Relationships at home were not the best either. The teenager ended up on the street, where his own mother put him. The woman could not cope with her son, and there was no firm male hand and authority in the house: Onfroy Sr. left prison for a short time and returned there for many months. Jasey lived at his grandmother’s place, then on the street.

He made a living by stealing, selling drugs, stealing cars and keeping weapons. For serious violations of the law, the future rapper was sent to a children’s colony in 2014. Here the young man quickly got used to it, found friends and the main hobby in life – hip-hop.

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At the same time, Onfroy came up with a creative pseudonym – XXXTentacion. The three-letter prefix hinted at the guy’s love for pornography (eventually shortened to X). The second part of the creative name in translation from Spanish means “temptation”.

The first track appeared in the colony: the song was called Vice City. After leaving the penitentiary, XXXTentacion recorded on a microphone, processed on a laptop and posted 2 mini-albums on the Internet. Onfroy took his first steps in music in a duet with rapper Ski Mask, whom he met in the colony.

In 2015, Tantation and Ski Musk delighted hip-hop lovers with the Members Only release, which was divided into 2 parts.

A talented and charismatic colleague was noticed by the musicians of the $ uicideBoy $ group. XXXTentacion has accepted the guys’ offer to be a special guest on the $ uicideBoy $ US tour.

Towards the end of 2015, Tantation presented the fans with the track Look At Me. The song quickly gained popularity and gained network fame, increasing the artist’s army of fans at times.

XXXTentacion song “Look At Me”

In the summer of 2016, XXXTentacion went to jail again. This time for armed intrusion into the house and robbery. After 4 months, the musician was released, but in the fall he returned to prison for beating a pregnant girlfriend.

An army of thousands of fans did everything possible to make the favorite come out as soon as possible. The hashtag #FreeX appeared and gained momentum on social media.

XXXTentacion song “Looking For A Star”

In the spring of 2017, Jasey was released after six months in prison on bail. The musician, coming out from behind the bars, felt himself at the height of fame. Being in prison increased the rapper’s popularity, music lovers liked the original style of performance – a mix of hardcore hip-hop with a heavy metal flavor.

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In the same year, XXXTentacion presented 3 new mixtapes. On the mini-album Revenge, fans heard their favorite hit, Looking For A Star.

XXXTentacion song “Jocelyn Flores”

In 2017, there were joint albums with Members Only and Ski Mask. At the end of the summer of 2017, Onfroy presented fans with his first studio album, titled “17”, which consists of 11 tracks. The album was warmly received by the listeners, it took the 2nd position in the Billboard 200 chart. Fans singled out the song Jocelyn Flores.

The musician became world famous for the composition Riot, for which the video appeared. Behind the scene with the hanged white child, the rapper received threats from representatives of the Ku Klux Klan. In the fall, XXXTentacion changed its image: dyed hair gray and shaved off his eyebrows.

XXXTentacion song “Riot”

In November, the rapper was attacked by musicians from the Migos group, and in December Onfroy delighted fans with a Christmas mini-album. In the same month, the guy went to jail again: the Florida attorney questioned the testimony of Onfroy’s girlfriend, who dropped the previous charges.

The musician was imprisoned without bail pending final proceedings. The meetings were postponed from January 2018 to March, then to May and July.

XXXTentacion song “Moonlight”

Tantation worked all this time and in the middle of March presented his second album, called “?”. It includes 18 tracks performed in different genres – from emo rock to Spanish pop music. Track SAD! It took 7th place on the Bilboard Hot 100 chart, and the composition Moonlight fell in love with hundreds of thousands of music lovers.

Personal life
Beloved girl, because of a stormy showdown with whom the rapper was imprisoned, the dark-skinned beauty Geneva. The chosen one corresponded to Onfroy: Geneva cheated on Jasei and used drugs, for which she got it in earnest from a short boyfriend (the guy’s height is 1.68 m).

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In the fall of 2016, the jealous man once again beat Geneva, and she reported the rapist to the police. The matter was aggravated by the fact that the girl claimed to be pregnant. Jasei not only used force, but also held her hostage, not allowing the cops to be called.

Later, Geneva, forgiving her boyfriend, withdrew the testimony, but they did not believe her.

Death put an end to the stormy biography of the musician. On June 18, 2018, when XXXTentacion, released from behind bars, came out of a motorcycle dealership in Miami and got into a car, two unknown persons ran up to him, one of them tore out his bag, and the second fired several bullets at Jasei.

The musician passed away at the age of 20. He was found in a coma and taken to hospital, where doctors pronounced him dead. It was caused by severe wounds from firearms.

Who shot the rapper, the police could not establish in hot pursuit: Onfroy had enough enemies.

The police revealed some of the circumstances surrounding the boy’s death, tweeting that the suspects fled in a dark gray SUV. Investigators believe that the musician was attacked for the purpose of robbery.

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