Found new danger of delicious food

Scientists at the City University of Manchester (UK) have concluded that eating fast food increases the risk of developing depression by 40 percent. This is reported in a press release on MedicalXpress . Experts analyzed […]

Called the harm of vegetarianism

Scientists at Cardiff University (UK) explained why vegetarianism can be harmful to children. According to nutritionists, children under two years should get animal fats and proteins. In addition, it is more difficult for a growing […]

How not to swell from poverty

Today it has become clear that fullness is increasingly a sign of poverty, not wealth. Saving on food and lifestyle – the main causes of excess weight. In an increasingly complex economic situation, you should […]

5 essential foods for weight loss

It is no secret that diets seriously deplete the human body. In order that during the diet you do not lose the ability to recover, as well as gain your healthy weight, you need to […]

Restaurant: Caution – Calorie Mines

For many of us, visiting a restaurant is still not trivial. At such moments, I want to allow myself both this and that, and no consequences for tomorrow. But, as you probably already noticed, there […]