How to enjoy life if you have no money

They say that happiness cannot be bought, and these free ways to have fun prove the truth of the statement. 1. Walking tours Even small towns have their own history, and this opens up opportunities […]

40 short tips from a 95 year old man

Experience is a valuable thing. Only with him comes an understanding of what is really important. Sing in the shower! Treat everyone you meet as you would like them to treat you. See the sunrise […]

2 things that keep us from being happy

The look of the philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, passed through the prism of psychology. Arthur Schopenhauer was one of the first major Western thinkers to introduce elements of Eastern philosophy into his work. Usually he came […]

9 things that smart people never do

Smart people can understand their emotions and deal with them. The secret of this skill is not only that they do it, but also that they do not. We are admired by people who, in […]