8 things to do before eight in the morning

Correctly organize your morning to set the day. Entrepreneur and blogger Benjamin Hardy told how to plan the first morning hours to spend every day with meaning. 1. Prepare in the evening Do not engage […]

Meditation for one, two, three

Nowadays, meditation is often discussed on forums – often it also seems more complicated and confusing than it actually is. Essence of meditation “Mind, shut up!”. That’s all. We constantly talk to ourselves, often without […]

How to cope with their shortcomings

Not once or twice did I think that it was time to change this or that trait in myself, because it didn’t like it, or worse, it interfered with life. There are plenty of tips […]

An interesting way to organize your desktop

Many place files, programs, important documents, etc. downloaded from the Internet right on the desktop. As a result, the desktop looks terribly cluttered. LifeClever offers an interesting way to avoid this. The essence of the […]

How to wake up not on an alarm clock

Sleep is a frequent topic when it comes to productivity. Many successful people say they start working early in the morning. Then their efficiency and performance is higher. But how to get up not by […]

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