95-year veteran of the Great Patriotic War became a participant of the Total dictation in the USA

The man himself noted that the test did not cause him difficulties, but complained only about the lines on the sheets.
In New York, the 95-year-old veteran of the Great Patriotic War Nikolai Zaitsev became the participant of the international action on literacy testing “Total dictation”. About this TASS told the project coordinator of the society “Russian Youth of America” ​​Elena Yampolskaya.

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“ This year the dictation was written by our beloved Nikolai Zaitsev, the 95-year-old veteran … The test did not cause him any difficulties, the veteran complained only that the lines on the sheets are not clearly visible ,” Yampolskaya said.

After the end of dictation, he talked to young people, spoke about past exploits and military time, and also reported that his new article in “Arguments and Facts” will be released on Victory Day.

As Life wrote earlier, Total dictation was held in 79 countries of the world, more than 250 thousand people took part in it.

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