Abe promised not to leave to descendants the problem of a peace treaty with Russia

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe promised not to stop negotiations with Russia on a peace treaty and not to leave this problem to future generations. He made the corresponding statement at the congress of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party of Japan, the video was published on the party’s page on YouTube.

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“The problem that has not been resolved for more than 70 years should not be passed on to future generations. I am determined to put an end to this problem with our hands with President [Vladimir] Putin, I want to continue active negotiations on a peace treaty, ”said Abe.

Russia and Japan cannot agree on the conclusion of a peace treaty because of the Kuril Islands – the Japanese government considers the four islands of the Kuril ridge to be the territory of their country. The latest negotiations between Abe and Putin on this issue took place in January in Moscow. The parties agreed to continue the discussion at the level of foreign ministers.

It was later reported that the Japanese authorities refused to use the phrase “Russia’s illegal occupation” of the Kuril Islands, but the government also refused to answer the question of whether the southern Kuril Islands are the “original territory” of Japan.

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