Argentine submarine was found a year after the loss

Argentine submarine “San Juan” (San Juan), which ceased to communicate on November 15, 2017, was discovered. This is stated in the message of the country’s Navy on Twitter.

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“The American company Ocean Infinity examined the object of increased interest number 24 with the help of an underwater remote-controlled vehicle, the detection of the San Juan submarine at a depth of 800 meters was confirmed,” the military said.

The San Juan diesel electric submarine disappeared in the San Jorge Bay area about 240 nautical miles from the coast. According to the latest reports, the ship crossed from Ushuaia to Mar del Plata. On board the submarine, built in 1985 at the German shipyard, there were 44 crew members. The United States, Great Britain, Brazil, Chile, and also NASA have joined the search for the submarine. Russia sent to the search operation oceanographic research vessel “Yantar” and underwater UAVs, which incidentally discovered a sunken fishing vessel.

The last message from the submarine said that “the influx of seawater through the ventilation system into battery number three caused a short circuit, a fire started. Batteries are low. The boat is sinking. On December 1, Argentina recognized the death of a submarine and sailors.

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