Astronomers Announce New Probable Exoplanets Discovered

The supposed nascent planet from the star system Proxima Centauri is called Proxima c.
European astronomers have reported the discovery of a possible second exoplanet near the star closest to the Sun, the red dwarf Proxima Centauri. Scientists will collect additional data to confirm their possible discovery. If it is confirmed, for the first time it will be possible to capture a similar celestial body in a photograph in the range of visible radiation.

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We note that previously it was possible to take photos of exoplanets only in the infrared spectrum. Otherwise, the light of the star next to them hid the planets. The uniqueness of the new probable exoplanet, which was given the name Proxima c, is that it is at a considerable distance from the star, and therefore it has a greater chance of seeing it than the one opened in the same star system, Proxima, b.

Astronomers intend to see Proxima using the latest observatory of James Webb, which should be put into orbit in March 2021.

– So far this is only a candidate planet. This is very important to emphasize, – quotes Scientific American magazine, one of the authors of the study, Mario Damasso.

According to preliminary data, if the existence of this exoplanet is confirmed, then, according to scientists, it is larger than the Earth. At the same time, its mass exceeds that of the earth at least six times. Proxima makes one revolution around its star in approximately 1900 days. It is removed from the red dwarf Proxima Centauri 1.5 times larger than the Earth from the Sun. But the energy of the star is much weaker than that of the Sun. Therefore, Proxima with falls into the category of planets, where earthly life is impossible.

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