Bloomberg learned the details of the export of gold from Venezuela for $ 900 million

The Turkish company Sardes was established two months after Nicolas Maduro visited his colleague Recep Erdogan in Ankara. From Venezuela, she subsequently exported gold worth $ 900 million, learned Bloomberg

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Two months after the visit of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro to Ankara, the Turkish company Sardes eventually exported $ 900 million worth of gold to Turkey from the Bolivarian Republic . Bloomberg reports this without specifying sources of information .

Sardes, according to the agency, began operations in January 2018. Then the Turkish company imported gold from Venezuela for about $ 41 million. This operation, as Bloomberg explains , was the first such transaction between the two countries over the past 50 years. The following month, Sardes, according to the agency, increased the volume of imports from Venezuela more than doubled: it shipped almost $ 100 million worth of precious metals.

By November of last year, when US President Donald Trump signed a decree on sanctions against Venezuelan gold, the Turkish company had already exported $ 900 million worth of precious metal from Venezuela, Bloomberg said , stressing that, according to the company’s regulatory documents in Istanbul, Sardes’s capital is only $ 1 million

On the website of the Turkish Stock Exchange (Borsa Istanbul), a company operating in the precious metals market, under the name Sardes, has been present since December 2017 (exactly this month, according to Bloomberg , it was supposed to be formed – in Ankara, Maduro came in October 2017). go).

It was not possible to contact Sardes representatives promptly. RBC sent a request to the company.

The fact that the gold trade of Venezuela with Turkey is growing rapidly, in early February, referring to high-ranking officials, BBC reported . Its sources also talked about gold at about $ 900 million, which, according to their data, was exported last year from a Latin American country to Turkey.

The precious metal, according to the interlocutors of the broadcasting company, was transported “ostensibly for its processing and return to Venezuela, although no data on re-export was subsequently available.” In this regard, as the BBC sources pointed out, Washington warned Ankara: continuing the gold trade with Venezuela, the Turkish authorities “are stepping on thin ice.” Gold exported from Venezuela may eventually end up in Iran in violation of sanctions, the United States suspects.

In general, the current government of Venezuela, as Bloomberg wrote earlier , holds assets worth $ 8 billion in foreign gold reserves. In January it became known that $ 1.2 billion of them refused to return the Bank of England to the authorities of the Bolivarian Republic . The location of other assets, as the agency noted at the time, is largely unknown, but some of them, according to Bloomberg , could be located in Turkey.

This information was subsequently confirmed by Venezuelan opposition MP Carlos Paparoni. He said that last year, amid the crisis, the Venezuelan government sold 73 tons of gold to two firms in the United Arab Emirates and another in Turkey, the Mining publication reported . In total, foreign reserves, according to him, then took 40% of all Venezuelan gold.

The Turkish authorities along with the authorities of Russia and China are key supporters of Maduro. They supported the incumbent President of the Bolivarian Republic after the head of the National Assembly of Venezuela, Juan Guaido, proclaimed himself at the rally of thousands of opposition leaders in January. He, as acting president of Venezuela, was later recognized by the United States, Canada, almost all European countries, and most South American countries.

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