“Brains include”. Medvedev gave advice to officials making scandalous statements

According to the head of the Government of the Russian Federation, civil servants who behave badly should be brought to justice.
Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev gave universal advice to officials who find themselves in the center of scandals after their own inaccurate sayings. The head of the Cabinet appealed to civil servants during an interview with Russian television channels for the year.

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  • Brains need to be included – that’s all when you are convicted of power. Unfortunately, not everyone succeeds in this, ”said Medvedev, commenting on the scandalous statement of the former minister of the Saratov region about life on“ macaroons ”.

The prime minister stressed that there are about a million civil servants in Russia, most of whom are “truly dedicated, responsible, good people” and do not want to offend them. However, as noted by Medvedev, there are officials who “behave badly.” According to him, the guilty should be brought to justice.

Recall that in October, the Minister of Labor, Employment and Migration of the Saratov Region, Natalya Sokolova, was dismissed after a scandalous statement about the possibility of living 3.5 thousand rubles a month. According to the official, this amount is quite enough “for minimal physiological needs,” and “macaroons are always the same.”

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